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7 37 Issue 60 / 2014 REGGAE / DANCE HALL SO YOU HAVE A NEW SINGLE OUT NEXT MONTH RIGHT? Ya it's called move back it's out March the 2nd. The lyrics represent stylo g and basically they just let my UK fans know what I'm all about, where I've come from and where I'm going. We shot the video in Jamaica it was crazy. So far there's been loads of remixs by fiction distortion and grant nelson. Everyone should go pre order it now MOVE BACK IS A REAL RUN TO DANCE FLOOR SONG IT JUST MAKES YOU WANT TO DANCE! I'm glad you noticed that! When I'm making songs my aim is to get people dancing. There's loads of depressing songs out there but we're in the era now where its all about the clubs. When I'm making a record, I tend to think I'm in the club and get in the groove. WHY DID YOU CALL YOURSELF STYLO G? Well there was a footballer in Jamaica in my area and every one looked up to him. He was called Stylo and then my friends started calling me Stylo cause I played like him and the name just grew on me. When I came to the U.K people used to call me Bagga so some people new me as Bagga. But my Jamaican mates kept calling me Stylo and that just stuck on me really. WHAT ARE YOU UP TO IN 2014? Well last year I did a lot of festivals in the U.K but this year I'm mostly going to be out of the U.K. During the summer I'll be at the Jamming festival in Germany, I'll be at a waterpark festival in Italy. I'm going to be at parklife in the U.K. Il be at most of the major festivals in Europe and a few in the uk so keep an eye out! ANY EMBARRASSING TUNES ON IPOD? Nah you'd probs just find some souls. Celine Dion, Keisha Cole. I listen to every type of music YOUR DAD WAS THE LEGENDARY POISON CHANG, WAS HE A BIG INFLUENCE ON YOU? He's been the main influence in my life. As a kid growing up, I saw him tour the world and make money and I saw him being so successful. That gave me the drive to say I want to do this, I want to make my life better by doing music I want to make a living from this. He's just been such a big inspiration throughout my life. ARE THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS MUSICAL TOO? My little brother is Cody Star and he produced my song Call Me A Yardie and he produced most of the songs on my E.P. My little sister is a singer. My son is super talented already. Its runs in my blood, it's a natural thing and it makes me happy to see my family members getting involved. WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ARTISTS? I think the concepts of my songs. I tend to take risks, my music is different, my sound is different and my voice is different. I try to make my swag different too. What would you do if you didn't do music? I think I would be a fashion designer. That was my main study in college. Ash, fashion and design. When I ended up in the music class I realised then that I wouldn't bother with fashion cause music was for me! I'm also a good footballer I played for my parish and my school. IF YOU COULD BE A SUPERHERO FOR A DAY WHO WOULD YOU BE? I would be superman cause he's always rescuing the girls and the girls like a superhero that can fly! The hulk cant fly and he's green and no ladies would want a big green man! My next Halloween costume I could be Jamaican superman. Locks and stuff like a rasta superman! IF YOU COULD FILL A SWIMMING POOL ENTIRELY WITH ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD YOU FILL IT WITH? Money and then I would swim in it! I wouldn't fill it with alcohol id do something different not like Kendrick Lamar. Actually no I don't think id fill it with money either. I'm going to stick to my Stylo ways, I'd fill it with girls. It'd be crazy there would be no space. ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE TO SAY? I just want to say thanks to everyone that's been supporting me! It's been a long journey but it's been great and thanks to all the fans who've been supporting and buying my music. Move back will be out the 2nd March so make sure you get it! " I tent to take risks, my music is different, my sound is different and my voice is different." Dervala | One of Bashment's finest with hits like "My Yout" "Call Mi A Yardie" and "Soundbwoy" which reached number 18 on the UK Singles Chart, this man, has been hard at work in the studio with artists such as Giggs, Chipmunk, Sneakbo and Gyptian to name a few working on new material and his latest single 'Move back' is a banger! STYLO G INTERVIEW Follow @Stylog

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