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7 41 Issue 560 / 2014 FOOD RODIZIO PRETO – BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE When we think about South America the first things that comes to mind is the sun, the biki- nis and the meat. Even if Brazilian Steakhouse is missing the sun and no bikinis within sights, the restaurant completely makes it up with its high quality selection of meat. The restaurant also of- fers a full menu with unlimited pieces of delicious beef, pork and chicken. By using a two-sided green and red disk you can call the Passador to get more meat or ask for a break. To help to di- gest you can choose one of their numerous cock- tails and the most courageous person can also enjoy a selection of traditional desserts; all of this in a cheerful atmosphere. A dining experience unlike any other. A PIZZA THAT CAN LAST FOR YEARS The Holy Grail nearly reached, a ready to eat pizza that you can store for three years. The scientists from Massachusetts University are working on a pizza eatable after a three years storage. Asked about the food they would like to see in their field rations, the US Army answered that they were craving for a pizza that would taste as good as new for a few years. Two years later the university is very close to send those incredible pizzas which don't need any refrig- eration or freezing and apparently taste exactly like a typical pan pizza you would make at home. The scientists' efforts were for a long time un- successful because of the moisture in the tomato sauce or the cheese that are migrating to the dough over time, resulting in a soggy pizza and the growing of bacteria. It's by using ingredients called humectants and changing the acidity of the sauce, cheese and dough that they are ready to put pizza back to US soldiers menu. Maybe soon for us, a new solution to the "there's nothing to eat in my fridge" issue. More at More at

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