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Stabiliser and Chlorine While we are talking about Chlorines we need to remind you to never ever forget that you absolutely must have Stabiliser in your pool! This will save you money. If you do not have stabiliser in your pool you will use TWICE AS MUCH chlorine! Stabiliser (Isocyanuric Acid) acts as a sunscreen for your pool. It should be maintained at 30-50ppm (parts per million). If you have none in your pool you will use double the amount of chlorine each day. If you don't keep stabiliser in your pool and you don't ensure there is enough chlorine in the pool, your pool will quickly end up like the one in the picture - full of algae. Never allow swimming in a pool that has algae. Your Pool Pro Professional will test your stabiliser levels when you take your pool water to be tested. Tip: The recommended level of chlorine to maintain in your pool water is 1-2ppm (parts per million) 17 Tip: Do not use chlorines in heated pools or spas/Jacuzzis. Find more information about heated water in Spas and Hot Tubs in our 'SPA CARE IS EASY' booklet. GREEN ALGAE IN A POOL

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