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For Water Hardness It is mostly defined as water that is neither corrosive nor scaling. If the water is too soft Hardness Raiser (Calcium Chloride) is used to increase the hardness. On the other hand if it is too hard then a Calcium Stopper product should be used. This product keeps the calcium suspended in the water so it doesn't drop out of suspension and cause scaling. If keeping the calcium suspended is not an option many Pool Professionals use a Calcium Remover product. Ask your Pool Professional. This problem usually occurs when there is far too much calcium in the water and it has reached its saturation point. What is saturation point? If you get a cup of water and dissolve sugar in it and then you keep adding sugar, the water will get to a point where it can no longer dissolve the sugar. The sugar just stays undissolved in the cup and drops to the bottom of the cup. That sugar just will not dissolve. This is called the saturation point. 28

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