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Filtration- Pumps and Filters There are three types of filters for pools - Cartridge, Sand and DE Filters. Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filters are used mainly on above ground pools, small in ground pools and spas/hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Although cartridge filters are more efficient than sand when it comes to micron ability (size of particles to be filtered out) they require much more maintenance. It is therefore imperative that they are cleaned with Pool Pro Filter Cleaner and Degreaser on a regular basis. The cartridge filter/element also needs to be replaced from time to time. If you are not prepared to invest time in maintenance then the sand filter is probably not for you. Replacement cartridges or filter elements look like this, which come a range of sizes to fit all filters. 29 Follow this link to view Cartridge Filters The cartridge inside the housing responsible for the actual filtering looks much like the filter you see on household water filters except they are much larger.

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