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What is super chlorination or shock treatment? Shock Treatment: is an additional boost of Chlorine every two weeks which will help with maintaining the chlorine levels in chlorine or salt pools especially during very hot weather or following heavy bather loads. Shock Treatment is adding double the normal dose of chlorine. Always add chemicals in the evening. Super chlorination is usually four times the normal dose of chlorine. Remember salt pools also need shock treatment and super chlorination from time to time. Shock treatment is recommended weekly in the hot summer months. Your pool professional has a number of shock treatments available. Which one you use will depend on: • Whether your pool is a Salt Pool or a Chlorine Pool • What is the level of your Stabiliser • Your pool surface What is residue when talking about Granular Chlorine? Granular Chlorine or Calcium Hypochlorite needs to be dissolved in a bucket of water before adding to the pool. (Remember to never add water to chemicals, only ever add chemicals to water). The undissolved solids that are left are referred to as residue and this needs to be discarded. Some cheaper brands of Granular Chlorine are high in residue. Always purchase a high quality low residue product. Generally speaking, the larger the granule is the higher the residue. 37 Follow this link to see Pool Pro Granular Chlorine. It is a high quality low residue product.

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