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Why does my pool smell strongly of Chlorine? That is a very easy one to answer. It's because you don't have enough chlorine in the pool! It is a common fallacy that if you can smell chlorine there is too much in the pool, in fact the opposite is true and here is why. People introduce to the pool, wastes that the filter has difficulty filtering out, mainly because they are not solids. Perspiration, Suntan Lotions, Cosmetics, Urine, Saliva, Laundry Detergent residues. Some of these wastes give off Nitrogen which combines with the chlorine to form what is known as Chloramines. It is these Chloramines that give off the unpleasant chlorine smell and cause skin and eye irritations. Correct this with a non-chlorine oxidiser such as Pool Pro Impact. This is an oxidiser that burns out these wastes, and helps your chlorine to work better. Alternatively you can Super Chlorinate using one of the many Pool Pro Chlorine Products. Your Pool Professional can advise you which one to use for your particular pool. 38 Find your nearest stockist here. Always ensure your filter is working efficiently by cleaning it regularly.

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