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What is Winterising? It is about maintaining your pool during the colder winter months. 1. Don't simply turn the filter off and forget the pool for 3 or 4 months. This is false economy because the time, effort and money needed to get the pool water correctly adjusted next season, will be far more that the little needed to maintain it during winter. 2. Thoroughly backwash the filter and clean it with a recommended Filter Cleaner. Ensure that the skimmer basket and pump basket are free of debris. Lubricate all O-rings with a silicone based lubricant 3. Adjust the total alkalinity level with Buffer or Bicarbonate of soda, if the level is below 80 – 120 ppm. 4. Adjust the pH to 7.2 to 7.6 by adding acid if the level is too high or soda ash if it's too low. It is important to mix each of the chemicals separately in a full bucket of water before adding to the pool. Remember; always add chemicals to water – NEVER water to chemicals. NEVER add acid in amounts more than 500ml at a time. Add and test. 5. Add a super chlorination dose of sanitiser to the pool water. 6. Mix 750ml – 1L of a long life algaecide that is specifically designed for winter and add it to the pool. 7. Adjust the timer to allow the filter to operate for 2 to 3 hours each day. 8. If the pool is equipped with a salt chlorinator, clean the cell with cell cleaner. Adjust the control to the ½ production setting. It will be necessary to check the chlorine level every 2 weeks and empty the skimmer basket if it has a build-up of leaves etc. 9. Check occasionally to ensure that the water level is half way up the skimmer box opening and that the pressure gauge on the filter is not indicating that a backwash is required. 47

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