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Skimmer boxes and skimmer baskets It is the pump's job to pull the water through the skimmer box (the big mouthed thing on the edge of the pool, with a basket in it.) There are many different types of skimmer boxes and baskets depending on the brand that has been used. The water enters the skimmer box and any leaves or debris are caught in the basket, ensuring this debris doesn't end up in your pump. Check and empty the skimmer basket regularly because if it is clogged with debris your pump will be unable to suck the water through to the filter which can seriously damage your pump! Always make sure your pool pump and filter are off when you do this! This is what the skimmer box looks like before it is installed. Once it is installed the mouth will be visible in the wall of your pool. The pump draws water through the skimmer box to the filter. The deck lid to gain access to the skimmer basket will be on the top of pool's edge (commonly referred to as coping). For illustration purposes the pictures shown here are of assorted brands. Mouth Basket Contained in here Lid for skimmer basket access Skimmer Lid 8 Skimmer Basket

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