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Pump Baskets It may still be possible for some debris to get through the skimmer basket and end up in the pump. This is why your pump also has a basket which catches these particles. You will need to check the pump basket and empty it from time to time – while the pump and filter are not operating. The pump has a clear lid so you can easily see if it requires emptying. The water is pumped through the filter to take out any suspended particles or contaminants. The filtered water is then returned to the pool through the eyeballs (they look like eyeballs too) located on the walls of the pool. Your pool builder will have adjusted the tilt of the eyeballs to obtain the best circulation of water for your pool. Next are the three requirements to keep your pool sparkling clean. The pump basket may look something like this, depending on the brand of the pump. The pump basket is smaller than the skimmer basket. Typical Eyeball 9

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