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7 23 Issue 68 / 2014 DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP ANDY C INTERVIEW SO YOU'RE QUITE BUSY RIGHT NOW WITH YOUR NEW TUNE DROPPING "HEART BEAT LOUD" FEATURING FIORA. Yes that's right, I'm super busy - in the studio today and I'm working on a bunch of projects at the moment - I'm working on a remix which I have to finish by tomorrow and I've also got my 6 hours Brixton Academy gig next week. So it's all going crazy at the moment. YOU GOT STARTED OUT A LONG TIME AGO NOW - HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT, BECAUSE OF COURSE, BACK AT THAT TIME, THERE WAS NOT SO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA AROUND - LIKE NOW, WE HAVE SOUNDCLOUD AND TWITTER AND PEOPLE MESSING ABOUT WITH FREE DJ SOFTWARE, BUT BACK THEN WHAT INFLUENCED YOU? Pirate Radio, definitely, and going out to the early raves. I mean that was the only way you can get it, you go out at the weekend and party - if you were lucky and the Pirate Radio station hadn't been raided and they were still on air - you got to listen to it, I mean that was literally the only way. And obviously, record stores too. One of the first raves I've been to, I stood there all night watching the DJ and that is exactly what I wanted to do from there on in. So my way of doing it was basically getting home from school, turn the deck on and mix all day, mix all night and that was it. SO YOU GOT STARTED QUITE YOUNG I IMAGINE. Yeah, I always used to do mixtapes for my mates at school. I was the guy that everybody was like "errr come on give us a tape" you know. And I was like "no worries, I'll do ya a mixtape" and that, as all the people at school didn't have all that SoundCloud and all that social aspect, it wasn't around - so yeah running in deep from early days! WAS THERE A PARTICULAR DJ BACK THEN THAT YOU CAN REMEMBER BEING THE FIRST ONE YOU LOOKED UP TO AND INFLUENCED YOU? Well the first was called "Just Jones" and he was DJing at the party with Red One (Scott) who's now my business partner - he was actually putting on the parties back in the day and I had only just met him and he invited us along. I stood on the dance floor over by the wall, I can remember it now, over at a warehouse over in Bishops Gate, London just opposite Liverpool street station. I remember watching Just Jones and he dropped this tune - everybody went mad and I was like "that's what I want to do!" - that eureka moment, that's where I want to be. HOW DO YOU SEE DRUM AND BASS EVOLVING IN THE FUTURE? BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO HAVE GONE THROUGH A MORPHING PHASE AND IT'S REALLY BIG IN THE CHARTS - DO YOU HAVE ANY FUTURE PREDICTIONS? No, I know for the fact it will continue on its own curve. I know what the plans are for next year and they are very, very exciting across the board and I know in that regard it's going to be a great year. But you know it does continue to grow and the scene has been around for a while right - we just seem to keep growing and the people that love drum and bass are incredibly passionate about it and there's a strong bond within the people that go out. I can tell you that there is an incredible year ahead for 2015! SPEAKING OF THE YEAR AHEAD, HAVE YOU GOT ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE SIGNED TO YOUR LABEL RAM RECENTLY THAT YOU FEEL EXCITED ABOUT AND WE SHOULD BE KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR? Well we have signed a lot of people and we have incredible artists that people know of. Someone who people don't necessarily know of yet, but we are very excited about is a guy called "Bensley" from Canada. We signed him and no one has ever heard of any his music and we are formulating the project now - he's an incredible talent and makes beautiful music - I think everyone will just be really blown away by him. OK, WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT THE FUTURE PLANS NOW, THERE IS ONLY ONE QUESTION THAT REMAINS AND IT'S A BIT OF A GUESTLIST CLASSIC: IF YOU WERE AN ICE CREAM, WHAT WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? Are you serious? - (sighs, followed by a long pause). Well, I'm going to go with Cookie Dough - I've got no reason behind it, apart from that it's my favourite ice cream and I like it. It's classic, lots of people like it, it's timeless, but it has its unexpected moments where you get a little bit of cookie dough and it's like - "wow this is something new!" THANK YOU FOR TALKING TO US TODAY, AND HUMOURING ME ON THE ICE CREAM QUESTIONS AND WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY AND MANAGE TO GET THAT REMIX DONE. Oshi | " The trick is not to really prepare, as in like, here's what am going to play for six hours, because the idea of it and the whole night is we go on a journey together, with the crowd, and that can take many twists and turns " His forthcoming Brixton Academy show this Halloween night sold out in 48 hours, more than three months in advance, such is the anticipation of his live set. Guestlist chat with Ram records label boss, Andy C, on how his coping with remix duties, organising his own brand new release, and running one of the most successful drum and bass record labels ever, all whist declaring his love for cookie dough ice cream. Follow @Andyc_ram

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