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TELL US WHERE YOU'RE FROM. Diego: Individually? It's a funny one - I'm originally from Brazil and I've been living in London for five years now and the band's been together for a couple of years. Jack: I'm from Edinburgh in Scot- land. Well yeah, I got moved out to Africa when I was younger, not like exiled or anything (laughs) - but nah, my parents moved to Cape Town when I was eleven years old. I spent four years out there at an all-boys boarding school - rock 'n' roll! Joey: I'm half English, half Co- lumbian - spent lots of time out in South America as well. Jack and I did a year in Australia just before the band started - ya know, writ- ing music and that - came back and all these lot came in. Hannah: I was born in Austra- lia and my name is Dutch - my grandma is also from Belize. And I'm a bit English as well. Jordan: I'm just from Worthing (laughs). And half Italian as well. DO YOU THINK THERE IS AN INTER- NATIONAL INFLUENCE ON THE MU- SIC? Joey: If there is I think it's very subtle, I guess we've all got quite different musical backgrounds and that sort of ties in with the fact that we're all from different places in the world, but I wouldn't say it's something that we strive to achieve. CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU REMEMBER FIRST GETTING INTO MUSIC WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER. Jack: I just remember I was in school and I was on eBay and then I saw this guitar that was £19.99 so I just bought it. WHAT KINDS OF BANDS WERE YOU LISTENING TO AT THE TIME? Jack: I started on things like The Libertines kinda thing - I was big into Pete Doherty - started wear- ing those Pork Pie Hats and rosary beads and thought I was proper deep and poetic. And then I kin- da went into Jamie T for a while, that was my big thing. Then when I moved down to Brighton and started hanging out with Jordy, we were kinda into the same kind of music - indie kind of stuff - The Maccabees, Jeff Buckley, Bom- bay Bicycle Club, Arcade Fire. WAS THERE A CLEAR PLAN IN THE BEGINNING OF WHAT THE AES- THETIC AND THE SOUND OF THE BAND WAS GONNA BE LIKE? Joey: There kind of was but we haven't really stuck to it. Jack: When we came back (from Australia), we were saying we wanted to have like MGMT kind of vibes, but that just couldn't be further from what's happened. WHAT WAS THE WORST THING YOU GOT IN TROUBLE FOR AT SCHOOL? Joey: Throwing sprouts at my teacher. It was me and my mate, we got given sprouts - we didn't like sprouts and we thought 'lets throw these at the teacher'. Threw them at the teacher and we didn't get any pudding (laughs). Jack: I got in big trouble when we went on this school trip to Por- tugal. Me and my brother went in the sauna and we - you know like the rocks that make it hot - we pissed on them and it reeked out the whole place (laughs). An £800 fine got sent to my par- ents - that was a bad time for me, worth it though! FAVOURITE TV THEME TUNE? Jack: Men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men - Two and a Half Men. Joey: I'll be ready, I'll be ready! (Baywatch) Jack: Simpsons is obviously pret- ty catchy. Jordan: Family Guy's good. Hannah: Friends. Joey: We're just naming random TV shows now (laughs). ANYTHING COMING UP FOR THE BAND THAT YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT? Joey: We've got the single com- ing out on November 23rd and that's called 'Shoulder' which is already up online. We've also got these three shows - so we'll be doing the 4th, 10th and 20th of November. Then we're going out to play in Amsterdam, we're gonna go and play in the Alps - so...we're buzzin' for all that. And then yeah - hopefully look to do some recordings next year and get an album out. WELL THANKS FOR TALKING TO US AND BEST IF LUCK WITH EVERY- THING GUYS! Band: Thank you! " It was me and my mate, we got given sprouts - we didn't like sprouts and we thought 'lets throw these at the teacher'. Threw them at the teacher and we didn't get any pudding." Francesco | The Mispers are a five-piece band who have been making waves on the indie scene in recent years. We caught up with them to talk touring, TV and...sprouts. THE MISPERS Follow @themispers INTERVIEW 27 Issue 68 / 2014 INDIE / ROCK

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