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7 Issue 68 / 2014 TRAVEL 5. Good Vibes Festival Every year Kuala Lumpur hosts 'Good Vibes Festival' which grows bigger every year and pulls in international headliners such as Ellie Goulding, Banks and Empire of the Sun for 2014. It was a brilliant way to get an instant taste of the music culture in KL. Set in Malaysia former F1 grand prix race track just outside KL, it definitely drew excitement arriving to the site. Acts literally out performed each other throughout the night and, although there clearly wasn't a drug taking culture throughout the country, it was refreshing to have some good clean fun for once. 1. Reggae Mansion! If you don't have a place to stay there are a bundle of super cute, super friendly hostels in Bukit Bintang and its right next to the late night food market which is full of everything including porridge frog, satay barbeques, 1000 seafood dishes, dim sum, smoothies and whatever else you'll let tickle your tongue . When in doubt pick the hostel with the nicest sign. The best hostel sign we saw in KL: 'Reggae Mansion', boasted rooftop bars, kitchens, a library! 3. Batu Caves These natural caves which are just a metro ride away certainly exceed expectations. The lime- stone caves are 400 million years old, the Hindu people in Malaysia built a series of temples within them. When you climb up the 270 odd steps, especially during a prayer time, and you reach the top of the jurassic rock, the com- bination of the hymns, incense & colourful visuals leaves you feel- ing a warm spiritual oneness with all living things. Pretty trippy. 2. Pudu Market There is food everywhere, always & cheaply, Kuala lumpur has a reputation of being 'the city that always eats'. Kuala lumpur is obsessed with street food and with such a multicul- tural society theres so much range. Check out Pudu market for the most tantalizing dishes and diverse variation. 4.Petronas Towers What: The tallest twin towers in the world (since 2001). Why: With the binoculars on the observa- tion deck you can get a real feel for the best sniper view in Kuala Lumpur, which we're pretty certain is the only reason why people like really tall buildings. 43 KUALA LUMPUR Although there's only been terrible media surrounding Malaysia, it's always been on the checklist for everyone exploring South-East Asia, and with flights being dirt cheap now at £266 one way If you've done nothing but get a plane ticket there then here's five reasons you should visit this great city!

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