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POWER POWER POWER PARTS PARTS PARTS GUIDE GUIDE GUIDE LS ENGINE 18 PRODUCTS THAT CAN BOOST YOUR ENGINE'S PERFORMANCE For what seems like forever, the legendary Gen-1 small-block engine has been the power plant of choice for Chevrolet off-road competition. Today, a growing number of race teams are turning to the vast horsepower potential of the latest generation of GM's LS –based engines. The reason is that LS engine feature lightweight, strength and size options that allow engine builders to bore and stroke these motors to near 500-cubic inches. But with larger displacements, there's a need for products that help these engines achieve their full power potential, especially if they are going to be used in an off-road racing environment. So to get a feel for what some off-road teams and enthusiasts are using as a foundation, we reached out to a handful of engine builders and asked them to let us in on what parts make these engines so durable and powerful. While not all- inclusive, here's a short list of some of the more popular LS engine performance items from engine blocks to oil pans. SJ 060 SCORE JOURNAL

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