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16 Issue 75 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY Instagram launches musIc account The @music account is the first single subject channel from Insta The internally operated account, which kicked things off with profiles of Questlove and Japanese rock band Tricot, will highlight prominent and emerging musicians, as well as those connected with the industry – music photographers, album illustrators and fans for example. As Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said, @music is "dedicated to exploring music around the globe, from those who create it to the community around it." There'll be just six posts a week from this new account and content will be grouped via a series of hastags, including #LocallySourced for unsigned acts, #DoubleTrack for artist features and interests outside of music, and #15SecondLessons, for, well, 15-second music lessons. More than 25% of Instagram's most popular accounts belong to musicians and the platform has become an integral source of promotion and communication for artists, so creating an account that celebrates one of it's key demographics is a smart move. You may remember that Twitter tried something similar back in 2013 with #Music, but it never took off – unlike the Insta channel, the hashtag was focused on streaming rather than on engaging editorial content. If @music proves to be successful, Instagram may well open up other dedicated channels - @cats anyone? Geisler and his partner Liz Waterhouse have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them turn Einstein's exquisite handwriting into a digital font. The purpose of the project is to capture some of the great man's smarts, as Geisler has said on his Kickstarter page, "I like to imagine that when one uses Einstein's handwriting as a font that a spark of his genius potentially could reflect in one's own writing". To create the font Geisler has had to look through hundreds of pages of Einstein's writing and create a digital copy of each letter. He is also in the process of creating multiple versions of each letter because with handwriting letter can be styled differently depending on the preceding or following letter. The result will be a seamless, flowing font that shifts as you type. Funding from the campaign will help Geisler and Waterhouse produce all the letters and get the project released. They have already surpassed $15,000 target and as there is still around a month left to go, the Albert Einstein font could be with us very soon. So even if your work is total crap, at least you can write like a genius. crowdfundIng: albert eInsteIn font Typographer Harald Geisler wants to capture some of Einstein's genius

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