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DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 36 Artist of the month: Benga Dubstep/ hip hop virtuoso Benga is a star and everyone knows it, even Kano! Issue 52 / 2013 EDM-WHat's all the hype? EDM—Electronic Dance Music—American Rave Music, Popular Dance Music, Revolutionary, Origins of Dance Music, SHIT! Whatever you want to call it or describe it as there is no doubt that these three letters—E—D—M—are causing quite a buzz on the internet and across music blogs, especially with a newer generation of the 'rave scene' and in particular in America. But, what is it, and should people in the dance music industry be worried about it? To state that EDM is a new thing seems a little naïve. In reality it stands for electronic dance music and this was, arguably, first created back in the 70s by Giorgio Moroder and vocalist Donna Summer with the song I Feel Love (a ground-breaking dance hit, which had been created with no traditional instruments). With the introduction of synths into the dance music scene EDM or electronic dance music had been created. umbrella genre of EDM really came under, such as house, techno, trance etc. As Daft Punk described EDM, 'it is like a energy drink, its very efficient at adding energy to the body, but it lacks depth.' You can have energy in the music but no soul. As with all caffeine highs there will have to be a crash, and unless EDM takes a turn and changes itself up, this crash will leave nothing but a mind-dubbing ringing in the ears of a distant drop from yet another mass-produced EDM masterpiece. Benga a pioneer in dubstep has finally released Chapter II, the follow up to his definitive Diary of An Afro Warrior, which stands long in the memory as one of the most important dubstep releases of all time. Tracks such as 'Crunked Up', '26 Basslines' and the infamous 'Night' (with help from DMZ's Coki) have made Benga a household name in the underground UK music scene. Following the release of 'Katy's On a Mission', a co-written Benga production featuring buzzing synths and a brilliant halfstep rhythm, which peaked at number five on the UK, singles chart, Benga was catapulted into mainstream stardom. Chapter II, features grime MCs Kano and P Money as well as Sam Frank and Youngman and Benga's new imprint 'Benga Beats' features new releases from up and coming artists in the UK. Benga Chapter II Caspa Alpha & Omega cirscus records Circus Two VA This is Dubstep 2013 VA Four EP datsjk Vitamin D Mount kimbie Blood and Form Koreless Yugen EP VA Rinse: 22 Kode 9 P0gman P0gman EP Kutz The Zone EP Goldberg variations The EP June RELEASES Sony Warp Dub police records Young Turks Circus records Rinse But the acronym EDM wasn't really used until the 90s and even then only really in the US. In the rest of the world they were content using the actual phrase, or using the sub genres which music under the huge AEI Music chip butty records Black gold uk Dim mak records LB recordings

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