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GUESTLIST 7 7 Issue 52 / 2013 EW RVI TE IN Mistajam When talking to this guy it is clear that his passion for music is evident, supporting quality music regardless of genre, his night Speakerbox Presents is home to this. DJ and radio presenter for over 8 years , he continues to take risks and stay true to his roots. Ahead of his Speakerbox residency this summer at super club BCM in Mallorca we caught up for a little chat... Tab Taylor | So you're going back to BCM in Mallorca this summer after your epic season of Speakerbox last year. You have a whole host of special guests, how did you go about picking the artists to join you? It was a collaborative effort this year. Last year we focused on bringing bass music acts to Mallorca, many for the first time; whereas this year the UKF guys have taken care of that. Speakerbox is all about quality not genre so when Gordon at BCM suggested that this year should have an MC led theme, it made perfect sense as all of the artists we've been able to secure for our line ups are friends that I've been playing for a number of years on the radio and have been lucky enough in playing a part in them getting the worldwide acclaim they have! Let's go back to when it all first started for you- your first gig, Manchester...Hacienda...good memories? Your music selection is so eclectic, and what I like about you is that you are very true to music as you only play stuff that you personally like rather than playing the latest stuff to keep up with the trends! How important is it for you to stay true to your roots? Distant memories now! I was only 14 at the time and it was all a bit overwhelming. Being the youngest in the crew that I was rolling with at the time by at least 5 years, it was Very important. My ultimate career goal is to still be here and relevant in 20 years and no DJ has done that by being a jukebox. I'm passionate about new music of all genres, Speakerbox. achievement. What is the best thing about being part of the camp there? Been on 1Xtra since 2005, Radio 1 and 1Xtra since 2008 and love every minute. It's a real family here – production staff, DJs and management alike. Everyone here is at the top of their game so it's a really healthy competitive place to work. I hope they never sack me! The last time we spoke to you was May last year, and you said your wife was heavily pregnant. "My ultimate career goal is to still be here and relevant in 20 years and no DJ has done that by being a jukebox" BCM is such a crazy club, always great vibes are you looking forward to going back? Always! Carl Cox has invited you to bring Speakerbox to Space Ibiza this summer, you must be buzzing for this one and being asked by such a legend? Absolutely! Carl is one of the most influential DJs of all time so for him & his team to have him on his parties at Space is an absolute dream come true and a true seal of approval for what it is I'm trying to do with separate urban and dance worlds, people thought I was crazy. Now, this is the norm and we're seeing such a cultural change in the way people categorize music these days which for me is so very positive. Quality is quality and when the best works with the best, only better is made! What do you think about the British music scene at the moment and how it has progressed? Because it is an exciting time right now for the UK? It's the sum of the parts – and we have the best multicultural raw materials to work with in the UK! We don't really care who you are and where you're from, we only care if you're good! What is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year- must be loads!! also the first time I'd set foot in a nightclub at all – and what a first club to be in?! and always will be and I'm more interested in championing an artist so hopefully I'm on the right path. Do you find it hard juggling your job and being a working dad?! It's a toss up between my time in the Balearics at BCM and in Ibiza and the Speakerbox stages we have in the UK. What is your main aim/ goal with Speakerbox, where would you like to see it in 10 years time? You have already smashed 4 years! You are literally living the dream right now, did you ever imagine you would be at such a high point of your career, or even get this far? Not at all. Family time is family time, work time is work time! Can you give us an exclusive on anything? I'm having Thai for dinner tonight…. I've only really just begun! I see Speakerbox as being a home for quality music regardless of genre and hopefully in 10 years, we'll be fully established and a well oiled machine! Being across so many aspects of the music industry as we are too – from events to being a record label to being a publishing entity to being an online community we're only just getting started! I dreamed of it but I think I've still got so much further to go. At the moment I think the boundaries in music have been broken down, we were speaking with the Rudimental guys a few weeks back and they were saying that you can be more creative and less restricted in music nowadays. Would you agree? What do you think the key to your success has been? If I knew that, I would bottle it and sell it! You have been on Radio 1 since 2005, what a huge Absolutely. When I first started my current shows on 1Xtra and was purposefully bridging the gaps between what was the then quite Thanks for your time, we look forward to catching you at BCM! See you there! Catch Mistajam every Friday at BCM Mallorca. Follow @mistajam

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