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14 FASHION Issue 58 / 2013 Real Vs. Fake Who Wins? After recent news about the horrific torture of Chinese Angora bunnies for the production of fur, we want to see if you can spot the difference between real and fake fur, once and for all. Who wants to bet there's no need for screaming rabbits in tiny cages, especially when they're this cute? How they look when happy and healthy! The correct way to groom an Angora rabbit is simply to stroke through it's fur regularly, in a soothing and calm way, producing a few naturally moulting hairs which you could maybe, over time, turn into a scarf. But the efforts to create a massive industry out of such small creatures, especially in a country with zero animal rights, were inevitably going to lead to huge neglect of the most significant ingredient of the plan itself. So if there's no way of creating Angora fur for the shops without causing so much harm, maybe it's about time we stopped putting so much emphasis on real, and checked out the more superficial options. We've put a few photos together to see if you can even tell the difference…

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