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FOOD Issue 58 / 2013 BANANA RECIPES Level: Easy! Serves 10 people 20 minutes prep Time + 1 hour in the fridge 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Put 10 biscuits into a plastic bag and mash them up using the rolling pin. Alternatively, you could use a food mixer but that isn't half the fun! Plus, do you really want to bother with the extra washing up? Once you're done, fill the bottom of your tin up with the crushed biscuits and add the melted butter. Gently spread the caramel onto the base, then cut up the bananas into slices and layer them over the caramel. Whip up your cream, not do much though! You don't want it to be solid. Then paste this over the top of the Bananas. Decorate! Traditionally, grated chocolate is used for this step but you can be creative! I like to sprinkle powdered coffee or chocolate drops over the top but it's up to you! Note: Don't worry about sticking to the exact ingredient amounts provided above, it all depends on which ingredients you prefer. If you're a biscuit lover; double the amount of chocolate biscuits used for the base! Banoffee Pie Recipe What you need for this recipe: • • • A flat based tin Whipping spoon (a fork will do if you don't have one of these, although this will take a little elbow grease!) A rolling pin Ingredients: • • • • • • Biscuits (my favourite are McVities Chocolate Biscuits) Double Cream / Whipping Cream 3 Bananas 1 Tin of Carnation Caramel 80 grams of melted Butter Grated Chocolate 37 7

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