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Sanitisation / Chlorination What is chlorine and what does it do? Chlorine sanitises/disinfects the pool water. It destroys bacteria, oxidises organic matter, sweat, soaps, oils and urine that accumulate in pool water especially after heavy bathing loads (lots of people using the pool). An important thing to understand is that contrary to popular belief, a strong smell of chlorine is not an indication that the pool water has too much chlorine…it is just the opposite; it is actually an indication that the pool water doesn't have enough chlorine - so it requires "shock treatment" or "super chlorination". Shock Treatment Shock treatment is 3 - 5 times the daily dosage of chlorine. All pools need shock treatment from time to time due to many factors such as bather loads or rain etc. You can shock the pool in two ways. One way is with a non-chlorine shock treatment such as Pool Pro Impact if you are in Australia. It will shock the pool without raising the chlorine level. The benefit of using Impact is that you can swim within an hour of adding it to your pool. 11

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