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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1 33 If all those come through, Panfil thinks he can turn in a big season. He has high expectations, wanting to total double-digit sacks — his four sacks last season are his career total, after he was a backup to Ryan Russell his first two years — and thinks he can get there. Most importantly, he says, if he's regu- larly getting to the quarterback, then it likely means Purdue's defense is hav- ing greater success. "It'd help us win football games, which is what it comes down to," he said. But if success could be measured in want-to, rather than statistics or wins and losses, then Panfil might be an All-American. It's visible on his face, the way it pains him to talk about the past, when he hasn't reached his own expec- tations, let alone those of others. And it's seen in the time he puts in to get better. "I've never seen that kid go slow," defensive coordina- tor Ross Els said. "When he makes a mistake, which is very rare, he's going 180 mph. That guy just plays hard, and that's what we like about Evan." Panfil's motivated. He's demanding in what he wants for himself, a reason why he so strongly says that he — and Purdue — can be better. He's seen the near misses of the years past. "That's the thing that frustrates me and kind of annoys me to this day," he said of the plays that he's nearly made. "But you've got to have that driving factor. It's something we need to do. The expectation has been set. It's been the precedent for this team, we have to get off the field and convert on third down and part of that is rushing the passer. It falls solely in our hands, obviously with the whole defense, but we play a big part in that, with getting back there. "It has to be done. It just has to be done. It's a driving force for me." j Our Purdue University Collection is available at Enter coupon code PURDUE2016 at checkout for a 10% discount! THE PRIDE STARTS EARLY. s your house painted black and gold? Do you think of the Boilermakers as your family? Our Purdue University products, handcrafted in the heartland of the United States, are just the thing for you. Visit to bring home a unique piece of our Purdue Collection and show your Boilermaker Pride! I

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