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GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 109 11 In a study of 5,855 apps, over half were purportedly in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a federal law that regulates the collection of data from users who are under 13 years old. Up to 235 of these apps were even said to be unlawfully accessing the GPS data of user devices, 184 of which allegedly transmitted the phone's location to advertisers. While the report notes that "many privacy violations are unintentional and caused by misunderstandings of third- party SDKs (Software Development Kits)," the researchers also stressed the need for Google to take a more active role in ensuring that child-targeted apps in their Play Store are in compliance with COPPA regulations. The news comes on the heels of complaints levied earlier this month against YouTube from privacy and child protection groups, accusing the streaming site of violating COPPA by collecting the data of child users. Between these revelations and Facebook's ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal, it's clear that the age-old debates on internet privacy and the handling of online information are returning to the forefront. THOUSANDS OF ANDROID APPS ARE UNLAWFULLY TRACKING CHILDREN ACCORDING TO NEW STUDY The International Computer Science Institute have allegedly found that the majority of free apps targeted at children are breaking US laws by tracking the data of young users. A study by researchers Ipsos MORI found that the number of vegans in Britain ballooned by 360% between 2006 - 2016. The massive increase has seen vegan restaurants and supermarkets turn up all over the capital, however, the same cannot be said for vegan fast food joints. One business is looking to change that. Temple of Seitan has opened two stores, one in Hackney and the other in Camden. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan, with a range of burgers available and, most popular of all, plenty of fried 'chick'n'. Prices are extremely affordable, and the popularity of the two spots looks like the ushering in of a vegan fast food revolution. WHO SAYS VEGANS CAN'T ENJOY FAST FOOD? It seems strange that in a society with such an incredible abundance of resources, it is still so easy for people to slip through the cracks and be forgotten. In fact, homelessness today is such a regressive thing that the life expectancy of someone who is homeless (47 for a man and 43 for a woman) is lower than that of any other country worldwide. Enormous cuts to benefits, social and health services have left those on the edge more vulnerable to becoming homeless, and keeps those who are already in that position where they are. In addition, the responses of both government and charitable organisations have not always been exactly helpful. Everyone has heard about the anti-homelessness spikes put in around city centres, but what about Hackney Council's plan back in 2015 to fine homeless people £1,000 for being homeless in the wrong place. When these institutions are failing so spectacularly to deal with homelessness, what can we do to help those radically less fortunate than us to survive? Giving money seems to be the most immediate and effective plan but perhaps a better strategy is to give food, hot drinks or small gifts like warm clothing and bedding. Alternatively you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter. Time as well is very important. Taking a few minutes to stop and talk to someone on the street, instead of just giving them something and walking away, could make a huge difference. Being homeless can be an extremely lonely experience, and a kind word or friendly smile might even have the power to save a life. OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON THE SURVIVAL OF EVERYONE As of November 2017 there is at least more than 300,000 homeless people in Britain. This figure comes from the homelessness charity Shelter, who estimated a rise of 13,000 from 2016. SWITCH IT UP If you have been doing something for a long time and you have not got the result you desire then you know its time to do something a little different. Now, this is not to say you are not doing things right, everything that you know is right about what you are doing, keep doing it and everything you know you need to do more of, just do it. The last thing you want to do is give up after all that hard work you put in, never stop on a down, give yourself a time limit and then go all out. If it works it works, if not you know you gave your best. CAT RACE Looking for a quick meal on a night out is difficult for vegetarians, it's almost impossible for vegans.

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