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Berlin's city centre is home to an abundance of historical sites, the symbolic Brandenburg Gate stands a block away from the Reichstag and five minutes from this celebration of classical architecture is a space for solemn remembrance and respect - the profound memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, designed by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold. There is a clear divide in Berlin, a clean split down the middle creating two separate cities. The financial district is situated in the west and mirrors those of every other city's business district. The west may have a few clubs and nice parks, but it's Berlin's east that marks the German capital out as a truly unique city. The east is a hotbed for young artists, musicians and writers. They have opened clubs, bars and cafes that are still thriving today, in fact nearly all of Berlin's good clubs are to be found on the east, including the raver's holy site, Berghain. The city also has something for those that value the days as much as the nights. The abandoned Tempelhof airport runway has become the perfect spot to sunbathe at in the summer, and then there are Berlin's lakes, the most prominent of which, M├╝ggelsee, takes up a chunk of the city's south-eastern suburbs. A wide variety of museums deal with the troubled history of the city, galleries are everywhere, the nightlife is legendary and the LGBT scene is booming. Oh, and you can get a can of beer from the supermarket for 30 cents if you're into that, Berlin has everything. GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 109 19 TRAVEL Germany's capital, Berlin, is rarely associated with summer. It's undoubtedly a holiday destination, it's got the culture, cheap booze and nightlife scene that make up a near perfect trip. LAKES, CHEAP BOOZE & PLENTY OF CLUBS, BERLIN HAS IT ALL

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