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For the recently engaged Jean Grae and Quelle Chris, the title of their latest album, Everything's Fine is a dreary encapsulation of all the lies we're told and the lies we tell ourselves as we try our best to ignore the sinking ship we're in. Childish Gambino's most recent single 'This is America' is many things, and several people have in- terpreted the video differently, but the overwhelming majority agree it is a commentary on American life for the black community. Legendary Queens rapper Kool G Rap will play an intimate gig at the famed Jazz Cafe in London on June 22nd Theories abound over all the little intricacies that can be all too easily ignored on first viewing. Gambino is demanding our attention, dancing a combination of popular moves such as the 'shoot' dance, and distracts us from the chaotic scenes playing out behind him. A joyous intro is put to an end when Gambino shoots dead a guitarist in a Jim Crow pose, the racial caricature with infamously exaggerated affectations. The whole video is shot in a spacious warehouse, with Gambino dancing his way through rooms. In just over four minutes we watch scenes depicting violence, police brutality, the pressure on artists to conform, the exploitation of black artists, our obsession with social media and how it is inflicting today's society. 'This is America' is a genius portrayal of modern America. Hailed as one of the major influences of 90's and 00's hip hop, Kool G Rap has collaborated with some of the biggest rappers in the game and is viewed as one of the all-time greats. The Jazz Cafe has an illustrious history of booking hip hop titans and Kool G Rap represents a catch for the venue. During an epic career, the former Juice Crew member has been credited with jump-starting the careers of multiple rappers, including Nas. Tickets for the forthcoming show are available now on Jazz Cafe's website. TRACK OF THE MONTH: CHILDISH GAMBINO EVENT PREVIEW: KOOL G RAP @ JAZZ CAFE THIS JUNE! ARTIST OF THE MONTH: JEAN GRAE & QUELLE 40 ISSUE 107 / 2018 HIP HOP & RNB A New Leaf Benaddict Ruff Draft: Dilla's Mix J Dilla Imports Sebb Bash The Dynospectrum The Dynospectrum Cool Side Of The Pillow Henry Canyons Face The Blank Page Ellamatic Gate 13 Del Tha Funky Homosapien/Amp Live Fine Lines Sweatson Klank Masters Of The Universe Binary Star On Their Way Dillon/Batsauce Xibalba The Drobs Hands Are Made For Working Guvna B NEW RELEASES The tone is set with the opening skit, in which a series of quiz show contestants with unfortunate backstories are each asked how they're doing before responding with the same habitual answer: "everything's fine." For the next 50 minutes, Grae and Chris offer a stirring, mind-bending alternative to such mutual destruction. Track two, 'My Contribution to This Scam', is an electrifying, take-no-prisoners purge of modern rap, in which the duo rail against pseudo-woke fans and airheaded Instagram rappers. Single 'Gold Purple Orange' is a track of two contrasting halves, opening with Chris listing a series of popular assumptions and stereotypes before Grae launches into a detail-laden account of her own distinct upbringing. It's a pointed condemnation of intellectual laziness, pressing listeners to reassess their simplistic understanding of the world. The album's most direct and sincere moments tend to come via the tough, sharp-witted lyricism of Jean Grae, whose nimble flow runs circles around every beat. Chris provides the more abstract and cryptic passages with a loose, unhurried delivery that's right at home amidst the jazzy stoner production.

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