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10 ISSUE 87 / 2016 GUESTLIST They have put forward two options that would permit a zero rate of tax on all sanitary products. According to Chancellor George Osbourne, "the government has heard people's anger over paying tampon tax loud and clear". The current VAT charged for sanitary products is a reduced rate of 5% but over 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for all sanitary items to be exempt from tax as a whole. Mr Osbourne has made a pledge that the money taxed will be spent on women's charities. Fight the power ladies!! YES BLOOD: TAMPON TAX COULD BE GETTING CUT Some great news for women everywhere, the EU leaders have made a deal that will allow the UK to get rid of the 'tampon tax'. He stupidly thinks she is doing it for the money. She's got more money than him and than she could ever need. Apparantly he is not keen on the Black Panthers, doesn't want to hear about anything Malcolm X had to say. He is not interested in those shot dead by police in the US. He just wants her to sing and dance, like the old Beyonce. Maybe he wants to hear some 'Don't worry, Be Happy' shit. Piers tried to compare Beyonce's Lemonade to Madonna addopting kids from Africa, as if these women would take these actions for ego or financial gain. Piers goes on to say "No doubt that African-Americans have been treated appallingly by certain rogue elements within the country's police forces" Well, that is an understatement in terms of the suffering black people have been through in America from Slavery through the inequality dished out by the present day prison industrial complex. Black people have been exploited as slaves, in human zoos, in politics, business, expoited in the music industry, media, technology and Piers having the nerve to insinuate that Beyonce is using grieving mothers smacks of shameless exploitation. Piers may have hung out with Beyonce but he has no idea what it took for her to get where she did. It is her right to be seen how she wants. Black people need important spokespeople. In fact they probably need a black Panther type group and a Malcolm X type leader. But of course...that is what Piers is really scared of, what black people need. We are so happy Piers does not have a less inflammatory Beyonce, a less agitating one. Black people can, will and should play the race card until all things are fair. Bad luck Piers. For many white people just like Piers it was just another normal week until... It's gonna go off for Piers very soon and by the looks of it, his Twitter is already on fire after he voiced his opinions on Jamelia's piece. Our boys Rizzle Kicks took to Twitter after Piers tweeted the below. YES BOYS!! Well, it could be seen as negative that a middle-aged white man did not stand up for black rights and did not support black people standing up for their rights. Everyone can and should say something if they feel injustice in the world. To ask people to be quiet and stop complaining is becoming part of the problem. Be the soloution. GOOD NEWS Piers doesn't like the new Beyonce. He doesnt like it when entertainers get political. Of course he doesn't. He is white, he doesnt feel the hundreds of years of oppression behind Beyonce, making her feel the need to talk about black lives. PIERS MORGAN IS SCARED, WELL DONE BEYONCE.

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