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Types of Chlorine 1. Liquid Chlorine Chemical name is Sodium Hypochlorite. Sodium meaning salt, therefore it is salt based. If you have a salt chlorinator, your salt chlorinator is a mini liquid chlorine manufacturing plant. It creates liquid chlorine and automatically adds it to your pool. Liquid Chlorine is generally not recommended for above ground pools due to its ability to rust metal fixtures and fittings. It is convenient to use however, as it is in liquid form. Also commonly referred to as bleach. 2. Granular Chlorine is strictly for use in pools that DO NOT have a SALT CHLORINATOR. If you use it in a salt pool, because it is Calcium based, the calcium can build up on the salt cell thus shortening its life. This makes it a very expensive exercise for you. Granular Chlorine just as its name suggests, is a granular product that has been used for centuries in the chlorination of water. It must be dissolved before use by mixing with water in a plastic bucket. The slight residue settles on the bottom and the liquid is then added to the pool. It is important to purchase a high quality low residue product as there are some inferior cheap brands that contain far too much residue and the calcium content hardens the water. Granular Chlorine should not be used in salt water pools due to its ability to cause scaling on salt water chlorinator cells. Granular chlorine also comes in a tablet form. It has no added chemicals, just Granular Chlorine pressed into a tablet. Be very careful if you are tempted to purchase what appears to be cheap Granular Chlorine. There are several different types. Some are very high residue or have large granules which are hard to dissolve. Ensure you purchase from a reputable pool shop so they are available to offer advice and help. 13 Granular Chlorine Also called Dry Chlorine or Cal Hypo: Chemical name is Calcium Hypochlorite. Therefore it is calcium based. How do you identify it? The label will say that it is Calcium Hypochlorite.

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