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BIG NIGHTS OUT La Roux returns to the frontline of electro-pop at Camden's KOKO KOKO 03 January 2015 The "bulletproof" singer is back bigger and "sexier" as she describes it, with a brand new tour with a brand new sound. Dabbling with tropical synths and upbeat '80s synthpop, Elly Jackson is set to make quite a comeback. HOUSe INdIe HIp HOp reGGae dNB SpeCIaL @ GUeSTLISTdOTNeT / SearCH YOUTUBe fOr GNTV YOUr HOrOSCOpe Gentleman's Dub Club to set the place on FIRE! The Marble Factory, Bristol 27 If you have ever seen GDC live, then you will be familiar with their exhiliarting live shows. These vibes are set to electrify fans in a compact venue promising only to amplify the energy brought by a band not only know for their popping sound but smart apparel throughout their exciting career. Fabriclive: Netsky, Ca- lyx & Teebee, Soul:Ution & Hit&run Fabric 23 January 2015 Fabric is a familiar host of some of the country's best drum and bass nights, and this month is no differ- ent. With a Netsky DJ set, which promises to spin some classic favourites and Chimpo (last month's Guestlist interviewee) featuring in the line-up in room 2, the madness continues! Beware of your cat this month, he is plotting your demise. Leave some extra food out or investigate getting a dog. Display some creativity in the workplace - schedule a meeting in a strip club. You might get Your daily routine may make you sad but this is the time to remain positive. After all, there's less than a year until Christmas. Get ahead of yourself this month with some early spring cleaning because your house smells like a retirement home. Now is the time to focus on work. Next time you send an 'anonymous' threatening e-mail to your boss from your personal account, you Time to sharpen up, someone is on the verge of spotting that you've worn the same suit to work every day this month. This month you will be so sexually strong that even Michael Bay will want to make a film about it. Proceed with caution. Save a bundle of money this month by ignoring your mechanic; your car is perfectly able to run on good thougths alone Feb 20 - Mar 20 pisces Mar 21 - Apr 20 aries Oct 24 - Nov 22 Scorpio May 22 - Jun 22 Gemini Jul 24 - Aug 23 Leo Jan 21 - Feb 19 aquarius Sep 24 - Oct 23 Libra Jun 23 - Jul 23 Cancer Dec 22 - Jan 20 Capricorn Apr 21 - May 21 Taurus Nov 23 - Dec 21 Sagittarius Aug 24 - Sep 23 Virgo Now is the time to take care of your health. You eat so much pizza that you're practically bankrolling your local Domino's. A Facebook profile pic taken in your bathroom will make you a star. Get snapping. Stop looking for the money tree and focus on your work. Learn how to do something well and you might actually make some dough. A Facebook profile pic taken in your bathroom will make you a star. Get snapping. 2 Issue 71 / 2015 GUESTLIST August Alsina's UK Tour kicking off the new year! Koko 24 January 2015 August Alsina's hip hop vibe has been associated with the likes of Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Kid Ink and Juicy J! Notable tunes include "Numb", "Make it Home" and "No love". Born in Louisiana in 1992, the artist had a difficult upbringing, but has since been going from strength to strength in the music world. Witness his emotional journey here. Audio Rehab: Shiba San + Tough Love + Mark Radford + DJ S.K.T Ministry of Sound 31 January 2015 Now almost a year into their excellent party series, Audio Rehab kick start 2015 with another mouth watering party. Mark Radford helms the label and headlines tonight with many other modern stars who all fit in with the unique sonic MO of the brand and have rapidly risen in the house and techno scene. For a chance to win tickets, visit our website. Don't get left behind! CUFF: Amine Edge & DAN-CE Ministry of Sound 21 February 2015 In the mood for some magic bass and haunting electro? On 6th Februrary, Fabric is the venue to attend. Fabric is making a comeback and you would be mad to miss it. Room 1 is set to explode with Daniel Avery promising to make you feel like you are floating in the air with his dark and dreamy sound. By contrast, Jimmy Edgard's powerful sound is set to get you going like never before in Room 2. Caps and party gear at the ready!

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