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7 Issue 71 / 2015 travel 17 Drummer Boy: Hidden talent in Kathmandu Even though travelling by land to Nepal's capital proved to be an unanticipated physical and emotional struggle, the musical discoveries I made more than compensated for my pains. Making a good friend in the process, I found out what life was like for those whose talent and dreams are bigger than their chances of success, but who are also willing to break the mould to make it happen. Following continuous threats of abandonment, a 9km uphill hike through the Himalayas in the midday sun with no food or water, two bus rides, and a tuktuk, 12 hours later and barely able to stand with my backpack, we had finally arrived in Kathmandu. Every bar we went to was hosting some kind of live music and there was quite the variety. A place I'd recommend is Woodstock; a hippie-rock type bar complete with low- lying sofas, ambience, good vibes and a live band. Spot on. The band was made up of four local lads in their early-mid twenties, and their frontman had an insanely beautiful voice. It was the drummer who caught my attention however, and I proceeded to swoon while I ordered drinks at the bar. After their set, they joined us for a drink. Sagar, my drummer boy, told me all about his instrument, the Cajon box drum, and a bit about his band. The conversation progressed to how his parents had sent him to school in the city while they had remained in his more rural hometown of Pokhara. He'd grown up in a hostel with his classmates and enjoyed it immensely, but not as much as he enjoyed making music. Keeping in touch, a few months ago he told me how his classical Nepali band, Avedhya, had it to the semi finals of Pepsi's "Voice of Nepal" competition to appear on MTV. They didn't win, but they'd gotten pretty damn close. I was delighted for him. Metal bands heavily influence the music scene in Kathmandu. Sagar's currently unnamed band that I had seen in April last year want to bring a jazz-funk fusion to the scene. With artists like Bruno Mars bringing back sounds reminiscent of Prince, I'm anticipating a seriously overdue revival of funk, and looking forward to hearing what Sagar's band come up with to contribute to the movement.

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