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7 33 Issue 71 / 2015 HIPHOP / RNB Hey Trixta how's it going? It's going great, really enjoying myself here having a great time, hopefully I can enjoy the rest of the acts. We hope so too! Do you have any exciting plans coming up in the future that you could tell us about? Yeah I have a really busy schedule that we're trying to race with! My debut single came out on 25th January, which is called "Start Again". So right now I'm just trying to get everything together, my management's working very hard to try and get all the video things done. Should be great, can't wait for you guys to hear it! If you were to tell someone to search on YouTube to tell them what Trixta is all about, what would you show them? Well first and foremost I'd tell them to wait until 25th January! That's when Trixta is officially released! But for now they can find me all over the web. They can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat! Just for the record, what is your Snapchat!? How can we add you on Snapchat? My Snapchat is SashaShades, if you want to add me! That's right! Do you post some funny things on there? I post everything, everything! Some people might find if funny, some people won't! We've just heard you performing an amazing live set, and you obviously make your own music. Would you say that there is a message you are trying to get across with your work? At the end of the day I do believe that music is a very powerful tool, so I do believe that as artists and musicians it is our duty to kind of shape the world that we live in. If the world is bad, that means the music is bad. So I try to bring out good music and try to be a role model for the youths of today and hopefully inspire positivity. You're very young to be in the business. Ladies and gentlemen Trixta is nineteen! How did you get into all this and how are you so successful at such a young age? That's a really big achievement how does it feel? To be honest with you I just feel like I'm starting . I don't feel like I'm on any level at all yet. I did start doing music when I was sixteen, so two to three years ago. But I didn't start taking it seriously until last year, and through good grace I managed to meet my manager Michael. We have the same philosophy of like, love and kindness, so we've been able to work together and really develop at maybe a faster rate than you'd expect. Things are going well so far! Where do you see yourself in three years, at the tender age of 22? Three years? Honestly I just really want to be an inspiration to the world. I want to be an international artist and I also want to join up with a charity foundation and hopefully make a change in the world. Which charity would you like to join up with, or which sector? I want to help the children, a lot. So, maybe food and shelter. Starting with the necessities and with my management we would hopefully be able to merge a charity together and help the world! Nice! Enough about music! What would you be doing if not this? I don't want to thing of a world like that [laughs]! To be honest with you I think I'd be doing something good as well, anything that's positive. If I wasn't an artist per say? I do enjoy writing, I did get into music through poetry, so I might be a poet. So it's a different form of art but I'm definitely artistic. What is your message to any young people out there trying to make it in the very tough music industry? What would you have said to yourself three years ago? Don't stop! Keep believing. You're going to get so many "no's", but once you get 99 "no's" you'll get a "yes". And once that "yes" happens it's going to open up so many doors, you just have to keep on going. That's the main thing. Don't give up. If you believe in yourself and you believe you have a natural talent, work at it, be the best at what you can do. Don't sit back and expect things to happen, you're going to have to suffer and work really hard! Sounds like you've got an amazing work ethic! We like to end our interviews with games of word association, so if I say to you, "ambition", what do you say? Space Love? Girlfriends Music? Trixta Marmite? Toast Hate? Wrong Enemy? Friend Family? Keep them close. Monogamy? I'm in the last year of my teens, I should be making the most of it right! Party! Hard! Donaeo! Party! Keep up with Trixta's future activites with his facebook at MillTrixx and YouTube page at www. At just 19, Trixta is creeping into the limelight and is certainly one to watch in the coming year. Having been on the scene just a few years, he has already had successes with releases that included "Trik-Dee-Zie" and "I Miss U". With his new single, "Start Again", coming up for release on 25th January, Trixta is certainly set to make a positive mark on the new generation of musicians. After giving us an exclusive performance of his new single, we asked him a little more about what was in store for the future. "I try to bring out good music and try to be a role model for the youths of today and hopefully inspire positivity " Interviewed by: Anna Norbury Follow @TrixtaOfficial INTERVIEW Trixta

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