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I would be lying to say I wasn't nervous to meet the boys for my first formal interview and it seemed that the feeling was mutual. Sitting down with the boys their manners instantly presented themselves offering me drinks and anything to make myself comfortable. They all oozed such normality and genuine care. I announced to the boys that to me this interview was to be fun and informal due to myself believing that you see the best of a character when relaxed. I opened the interview with general chitchat asking about their latest achievements. The boys expressed how exciting their summer was playing at festivals alongside artists such as Bombay at Lattitude. As a festival lover I can imagine their touring of festivals was incredible as well as them having the opportunity to camp and listen to other acts. When asked if they enjoy camping the boys seemed less amused, which I found curious, so of course I pursued reasoning for the claim. Did you all enjoy and stay at Lattitude? "Yeh, we saw quite a lot at Lattitude. We saw slaves, who were great and are good friends of ours. We did a lot of camping this summer – way too much. Maybe we just aren't any good at it." They joked about being "diva's" however it was already clear to me how sweet and un diva-like they are. The conversation later placed alcohol at the root of the boy's debate on camping, which I can also relate too. After realizing we had digressed from the main topics of the interview we stepped back on track. What festivals would you like to do or even play at again? "More than before definitely. Perhaps some bigger stages too. I guess we will have to see where we fit in" When asked about their future in 2015 the boys took a moment to anticipate what was to come and what they wished to achieve from their album. After a split few moments they came to the conclusion that they simply want an album which "allows us to make another one" whilst adding on the end that they'd like a rating of five out of ten. Finally, what have you got lined up for 2015? "Other than the Maccabees, there isn't anything we can announce yet" After leaving the boys I felt overcome with pride for what they had achieved within a short six months. The talent and genuine care for approval, which they all harbor, leaves me with no doubt that the upcoming album will be successful and lead onto many more. 7 39 Issue 71 / 2015 REGGAE / DANCE HALL Gengahr have burst into the alternative music scene. Within the past six months the boys have grasped the attention from some of the biggest alternative bands including the Maccabees, with their hit 'Fill My Gums With Blood'. " We did a lot of camping this summer – way too much " Interviewed by: Alice Gee Follow @ INTERVIEW Gengahr

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