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7 43 Issue 71 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY Wearable Technology is in This season! Wearable technology is taking the world by storm, making technology personal and seamless to use. Everyday, some bright sparks are thinking of new ways of incorporating technology into clothes. Here are some of the best so far! Are you ready to be a crazy fashion geek this year? 1. The TshirTos Let's start with the basics: The T-Shirt: The TshirtOS, a British creation made with 100% cotton, is a digital t-shirt controlled by your Smartphone.This shirt allows you to display a message, image or animation of your choice. One shirt, endless possibilities. You can be the world's first human cinema! 2. beauTy and The geek panTs Next up some computer trousers brought to you by Wearable. Have you ever been out and suddenly remembered you forgot your keyboard? Man, have we all been there. Well, don't worry, those days are behind you! The Beauty and the Geek pants are the craziest jeans you've ever seen, integrating a set of speakers, a wireless mouse and a keyboard into the same fabric! This makes it possible to move freely around your computer and still be in control. Now you will always be keyboarded up! 3. smarT shoes How would you feel about hanging out on the street with smart shoes. No, not your brand new brogues, actual 'smart shoes'. These shoes possess two devices that fit inside the sole and harvest energy from your movements as you walk or run, and then use that energy to power sensors and other electronics. Now you never have to worry about your iPhone dying! 4. ZioneyeZ sunglasses You've got the shirt, the trouser and the shoes. Now something for those summer months when the sun begins to shine … Here for you the ZionEyez Sunglasses. A tiny camera embedded in the frame is able to film whatever you want without being detected by anyone. Of course everything is HD and you can directly upload your film onto the internet. What a magic spy you are!

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