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8 Issue 71/ 2015 GUESTLIST Jerome Jarre is not just your everyday guy who makes the odd Vine and takes the odd Snapchat that just happened to catch on to the millions of users worldwide. He has become the medium's first celebrity. Living the dream… Jerome Jarre, the Vines and Snapchat Lord of our Time! Everyone loves Vine. Everyone loves Snapchat. Everyone who loves Vine and Snapchat loves Jerome Jarre. Jerome Jarre is a 24-year-old, French social media star. In 2014 he was the fourth most popular individual on Vine with over 8 million followers and over 100 million "loops" of his long string of short videos on anything from "How to make Beyonce giggle" to cute animals, to pranking the unsuspecting passers-by to cracking up with actual celebrities like Robert De Niro! Jarre began using Vine at the beginning of 2013 with his early post named "Don't be afraid of love" gaining so much traction that it became one of the first viral videos on the platform EVER, as well as making two appearances on the popular American chat show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After this huge media exposure, Jarre's followers multiplied at a tremendous rate from 20,000 to one million in just one month. In addition to this, Jarre started up a Vine project called "Humans" where he asked people the question, "What is the most important you would like to share with the world right now?", to which he "vined" the answers and published them under a separate account named Humans. These were the first steps towards his social media celebrity status. Ellen DeGeneres secured him to cover the 86th Academy Awards, making thrilling short videos with the Hollywood stars on the Red Carpet. His current collection of celebrity Vines includes videos with Pharrell Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Ansel Elgort, singer Ariana Grande and Kristen Bell. Later in 2014 he added the Cannes Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival to his portfolio. It was not long before Jerome Jarre caught up with the next video social platform of the decade, Snapchat. Last summer of 2014 he made a beeline right to the head offices. Literally. He tweeted to the headquarters that he was standing outside their front door after which the hashtag #JeromeInsideSnapchat was the top trending hook not only in the US but also the UK. Of course he was quickly invited into the offices and naturally followed his meeting with a Snapchat story with the CEO Evan Spiegel. The story does not stop there however. Jerome has taken his successes to the next level and together with Gary Vaynerchuk, created a talent agency for the stars of Vine, Instagram and Snapchat, called GrapeStory. The agency has over 30 future stars signed already, and counting. Jerome Jarre's success is due to his personable, funny and at time endearing use of the social platforms. Whilst making people laugh, he has used his talent to help other people get to where he is by setting up an agency in which they can grow. If you haven't already seen his amicable face, then we fully encourage you to take a peek! Until then, keep snapping, and perhaps he will be the one to find you Twitter: @jeromejarre Instagram: @jeromejarre

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