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20 TECHNOLOGY URBANEARS Scandinavian headphone specialists, Urba- nears, have launched their highly anticipated professional, DJ headphones, 'Zinken' on 15th July. Despite their fantastic quality and great design, these are their most ambitious head- phones yet. There's no doubt that the most in- novative aspect of the DJ friendly Zinken is the TurnCable. The TurnCable features a 6.33mm plus for use with a mixer and a 3.5mm for mo- biles and MP3s. It also features a 'Zound Plug' which is an audio output socket that allows an- other person to plug in and listen to whatever stanfirst stanfirst stanfirst stanfirst you're listening to. They have a padded head- band and comfortable ear cushions and what's even better is that they're available in a variety of colours that range from black, grape, toma- to, white, dark grey, cream and indigo. Danny Howard from Radio 1 said "Slick look- ing...Comfortable to wear but most important- ly – monster sound. BOOM!" Issue 42 / 2012 GET YOUR GAME ON! We take a look at the games guaranteed to keep you glued to the sofa! TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 This highly-anticipated sequel to the legendary Tag Tournament brought to your home. It features all the same concepts as the arcade version with some unique features you won't see anywhere else. The game will see ex- isting and new characters brought to your screen with some new combo move sets and battle modes. Out 14th September. is being Support Team GB Let the games begin! DARKSIDERS II This game propels you alongside the original Darksiders storyline. There are various dark and light realms to explore as Death (one of the four horsemen of the Apoca- lypse) tries to redeem his brother War. The world is dramatically larger than the first Darksider, it's bigger and more challenging, it consistently strives to improve on the original. Out August 2012. 0844 357 2392 GRAVITY RUSH One of the most innovative titles emerging from the PS Vita's line-up, this strange third person adventure sees a young girl being able to manipulate gravity, as she uncovers truths that will shake her very core. Expect many ups and downs in this truly original game.

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