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Issue 42 / 2012 THE MONTH FASHION 25 7 Laska Sak Laska Sak is a streetwear brand with one aim, to become one of the most recognised urban brands on the planet. It was created by two individuals and their garms are strictly limited edition and are designed and created in London. With fresh tees, vests and jump- ers they have the hot- test artists and celebs rocking their clothes. We suggest you take a look at their website and check out their sick designs www. Yeah, I have seen you wearing a beautiful on a recent post. You have re- cently Blogger - did you ever think start- ing out your blog that you would receive this much attention? Any tips for those starting out on their blogs at the moment? won Alexander Grazia's Wang Best Dressed Honestly I had no idea. I just start- ed it to gain a place on my univer- sity course. I stopped blogging for a year or two then suddenly had the urge to start it up again, and from then it's just been a natural pro- gression I suppose. I'd say to keep to your own style, as it's so obvi- ous when you're dressing in some- thing solely because it's on trend or because loads of other bloggers are wearing it. Using style sites like really help gain view- ers too. dress What brands/ labels are you look- ing out for this year? To be honest I don't really watch specific brands, I just buy some- thing I like if I come across it. Some- times I get little visions of a look I want to create though, and then I look out for brands I think may have something similar to what I have in my head. Right now I want a pair of matching joggers and sweatshirt from Alexander Wang, some suede Reebok Classics, some Asics gels, loads of LnA basics and the rest I just hope to steal from my guy friends. I do that a lot. Stealing clothes from guys is the way say influences you in your fashion style i.e. what icons inspire you? forward. So who would you Honestly it's no one in particular anymore. I find myself disassociat- ing myself with the blogs that I fol- low, as they don't really have similar style to me. I take a lot of inspiration from my guy friends I suppose, and then images I find from lookbooks or collages and people I see in the street. Have you always been so assured in your wardrobe you have any embarrassing outfits from back in the day? SO many I was a bit of a scene kid at one stage, wearing loads of liquid eye- liner, skinny jeans, bright Nike Dunks and extensions. In fact I've had too many. I won't expose myself too much. embarrassing For more info check out stages. choices or do

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