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Issue 42 / 2012 MAGDA Its been awhile since we last spoke, we were trying to get into the graveyard behind the Loft after Layo and Buskwac- ka's party Shake It! (laughs) Oh yeah, that was a crazy night. We had so much fun and shots. (laughs) Why did all three of you de- cide to call the label Items and Things? It was just a kind of random thing that Marc came up with since we all like making dumb jokes and being silly it seemed to fit perfectly. So its just a random name? Yeah. its a name that can be as- sociated with anything, that's why we like it. So obviously you Marc and Troy decided to make a clean break away from Minus tell us more about that? It was just to leave the nest. Musically we were going in different direc- tions so the three of us decided it was time to focus on some- thing of our own. Minus was always gonna be Richie's baby from the artwork to the songs. time for the birds Its really interesting that you have decided to concentrate on your own, all three of you have very different angles on things. When you listen to Marc's music i can't explain Marc's music it's weird he uses a lot of outboard gear. That's what makes the whole thing work. the three of us have always done stuff together. when it comes to releases it makes us stronger rather than one person making all the deci- sions What's the concept behind the compilation album? Its called Variables and its a lot of great demos from young artists, friends, and some old school guys. We thought it would be nice to do a bigger label compilation that summed up our current sound. There are 17 tracks in a 4 vinyl box set. Overall it really makes sense to- gether and gives people a good example of what we sound like. Besides that what has your la- bel got in store this year i know you've just had a party here in August - was that part of the tour for the compilation? We're doing a series of parties called Down and Out and those HOUSE / TECHNO 33 7 Releasing the first collective label compilation album 'Variables', with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce Joe spoke with one of the scene's most foremost ladies. are happening all around Eu- rope this summer. We kind of wanted to do some label show- cases to promote the label. We had the album launch party at Ressort in Berlin and a follow up at Loft Studios in London with lots of the artists from the compilation – myself, Marc and Troy plus Madato, Tim Paris and Danny Benedettini. How has your music style changed in relation with tech- nology, you used to play vinyl? I haven't played vinyl in ages and actually when we did the first final scratch back in 98 i started toying with it since i was working with Rich and i've been using it ever since. Obviously now it's a lot better but i still have all my vinyl and sometimes its fun to pull them out again. Would you ever do a vinyl set? I'm sure there would be queue round the corner for tickets. I'm not opposed to anything. With vinyl, you really get into the groove between two re- cords and its a whole different game. However, for me using gadgets and technology has a lot more flexibility. There are a lot of different options and a whole different way of mixing and that's exciting and fun. What new up and coming art- ists are pushing your buttons right now? definitely the young guys on our label like madato, danny bene- dettini, and NYMA. i love their music!!! If you were stuck on a desert island with three famous peo- ple who would they be and why? Quincy Jones because he is the best producer! David Lynch be- cause he is a pure genius and dabbles not only in film but also music and literature. Brian Eno because his music is so varied, inspiring, and interesting. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Doing bigger projects, maybe trying some multimedia things but definitely still touring. I'm in- terested to see what new tech- nologies come out and what new options they create. JOE LE GROOVE´S TOP 10 1. Laura Jones - Intentions (Matt Tolfrey & Sam Russo remix) - Leftroom 2. Elon featuring Joe Le Groove - 2gether 3.Danilo Vigorito feat. Gretchen Rhodes - In The Month Of May - Dogmatik Records 4. Jib Rafil - Indian Summer - Brake Horse Records 5. Another Planet - Stargazer - Planet Dus 6. Alex Arnout - This Way - Turqoise Blue 7. Djuma Soundsystem - Come Together - My Favorite Robot Records 8. Djuma Soundsystem - All She Wants - Brake Horse Records 9. Matt Tolfrey - Turn You Out (Instrumental) - Leftroom 10. Dusky - Mystics - Dogmatik Records

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