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50 REGGAE / DANCE HALL SHAGGY Issue 42 / 2012 Shaggy has landed! The man needs no introduction - he has made his mark on humanity's music with timeless hits like 'It Wasn't Me', 'Mr Bombastic', and 'Angel'. Serena called him up to see what he's up to: ENRIQUE | You're here in the UK where you will be playing at the Respect Jamaica 50 festival. When was the last time you were in the UK? Did you miss us? Yeah i used to come to England every year! I was there so much that people thought i lived there! I'm very much looking forward to coming down and performing in the IndigO2. How is it celebrating this to the Jamai- can community here? It's all about love and you feel it from the people. So you have your own entertainment label now, Ranch, tell us more about this and what your plans are? I launched it in June and it's been doing well, my management was like 'you need to bring something fresh and represent people who need to be represented.' This is what I've done. It's all about dancehall music and a label where people can put that music out. Have you seen the video of Mr Bean dancing to your song? It's got over 14 million hits! If we get to meet at the festival I would love to film your reaction to that! Reggae music is as good as ever, many talented artists around. The culture will never change, there will always be this colourful style of music and that will never change. You're Mr Boombastic and Mr Lova but how does shaggy take rejection? Not really had that problem you know, but when it come I take it very very well there's always another! I would change the immigration laws for Jamaicans because there are a lot of artists who aren't able to travel at this point is such a shame. I support the genre. It shouldn't be a fear or borders. Who would you want to make a song with dead or alive? People like Estelle back in the days, now she's already a success. I will work with REGGAE MUSIC IS AS GOOD AS EVER, MANY TALENTED ARTISTS AROUND. THE CULTURE WILL NEVER CHANGE. Yeah (laughs) man that was great he's a very funny guy I absolutely approve of that - it was great. Foreal it was one of the most funny versions I've seen. You've seen a lot of change where do you think reggae and dancehall is going? What do you think will never change? What would do if you were invisible for a day? I would go around and see how people really live like famous people like the Queen. That would be interesting to see what really goes on. If you could change any law what would it be and why? any artist as long as it's about music. That's the driving force, I'm not one to jump on artists because they're hot, it needs chemistry. If I had to pick a guy i would ask Shabba. If you could be known for anything ex- cept your music what would you want to be known for? A 'thurampapist' (Nb:That's not a word. Phone connection got bad.) We've also done a lot for charity. Whats on your iPod? There's a lot of older stuff all classic, roots music. And lastly, Shaggy, please tell us, if it wasn't you then who was it? (laughs) I'm still trying to figure that out, I think everyone has asked me that who is it? That's quite a mystery, people have even asked me that in the bathroom 'yo but who was it then'? It was nice catching up with you. Cheers Bye. Although we are still investigating what a thurampapist is, we hope you enjoyed reading about us talking gen- eralities with Shaggy himself. Catch more details on him at www.shag- Catch more details on him at

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