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JUNE 20/06/2015 The hackney carnival @hackney Wick 13:00-23:00 £20 20/06/2015 SoundcraSh BoaT ParTy WiTh dj vadim, live SoundSySTem ShoW From real rooTS, dj BoBaFaTT @ToWer Pier 19:00-23:00 £25 20/06/2015 reggae roaST: gilleS PeTerSon @miniSTry oF Sound 12:00-21:00 £10 20/06/2015 SoFT Wax PreSenTS The dePTFord duB cluB. rooTS reggae, rockSTeady and Ska. STeve Wax and jamTone hi Fi Will Be joined By SPecial gueSTS jack iron hi Fi on The deckS. live and direcT on vocalS Will Be roBerT o. dallaS and oTher SingerS T.B.c. @The duke 20:00-00:30 Free 21/06/2015 romPa'S reggae Shack red STriPe ruB-a-duB cluB @TurnTaBleS 12:30-23:00 Free 26/06/2015 don harTey @hooTananny 21:00-02:00 £3 26/06/2015 PoSiTive viBraTionS - univerSiTy oF duB PreSenTS rooTS dance BleSSingS WiTh jah youTh The rooTS amBaSSador WiTh lioneSS FonTS, Prince livijah & PrinceSS uWiman + inSTrumenT oF jah Sound SySTem WiTh raS PaTrick, gregory FaBulouS and live inSTrumenTS – The Sound oF The FuTure + The mighTy aBa ShanTi-i earTh rocker Sound oF jah lighTning and Thunder @The Scala 22:00-06:00 £15 26/06/2015 elePhanT hi-Fi WiTh ldc, PaSTaman & general WaSTe @Bar a Bar 22:00-04:00 £5 JULY 02/07/2015 kiBir la amlak @hooTananny 21:00-02:00 £3.00 04/07/2015 jungle SPlaSh PreSenTS jungle & garage PT3 @BrixTon jamm 22:00-06:00 £8.00 05/07/2015 rooTS reggae - diverSe collecTive + ramon judah PreSenTS a live Band + djS viBraTion laB, charly Bendje, jimiTha, eddie BunguS + mc jah BWoy @The FiddlerS elBoW 17:00-00:00 £5.00 05/07/2015 norman jay & Sancho Panza - uP on The rooF @The Prince oF WaleS 14:00-01:00 £20 09/07/2015 ciTy link uP @hooTananny 19:00-02:00 £3 10/07/2015 uniTy reggae cluB @The BuSSey Building 22:00-04:00 £10 11/07/2015 duBTaSTic muSic @caFe cairo 19:30-02:00 Free 12/07/2015 reggae heaven @ParadiSe By Way oF kenSal green 19:00-23:00 Free ReGGAe / DANCe HALL PARTY LISTINGS 7 65 Issue 76 / 2015 REGGAE / DANCE HALL

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