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7 9 Issue 76 / 2015 GUESTLIST dance music holiday, where the artists and attendees all We caught up with the festival owner Jason to hear helps create the family vibe. What's your highlight from Groovefest to date? There have been a few but I think Dennis Ferrer, Andre Hommen and The Martinez Brothers in the first year was definitely a highlight for me. The only thing I can say, which won't make too much sense unless you were there, is ''Tequila Tequila''. We had a lot of fun! What has been the most memorable set for you so far? One that really stands out for me is Osunlade's set last year which brought a whole new energy. He killed it that night and his sound is so unique. What's your biggest dream for the festival? The biggest dream of the festival is to be selling out the whole resort and booking even more talent for the different stages we can create. What advice would you give anyone who wants to create their own festival? You have to be really dedicated and prepared to keep fighting through the times when you think your a mad man for taking on such a project. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions which is all part of the challenge. A few fun ones to finish. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be? All of my friends. I have a great group of mates and I would love them to go everywhere with me because we have so much fun together. If you could take only three tunes to a desert island what would they be? Bob Marley - 'Sun is Shining', Raze - 'Break 4 Love', and Cardigans - 'Erase Rewind'. What's the first record you bought? The first record I bought was "Hammer Time" back when the running man was cool!

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