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ACC, Level 1: 500 East Cesar Chavez Street Rooms: Ballroom B, Ballroom C These are a series of 12-minute solo presentations that are curated from proposals submitted to the PanelPicker. They are grouped into two-hour blocks of programming related to a particular theme. Blocked in groups of four, their short format allows attendees to digest as much information as quickly as possible. Theme Features When Haters Show Up in Your Social Stream Janice Person Friday, March 13 // 5:15pm // Ballroom C We've all seen controversy unfold online and breathed a sigh of relief when we aren't center stage. But what happens when you're the one in the line of fire? It can be a lifelong friend or a stranger. Understanding options so you can weigh them carefully creates a toolbox to tap into in the heat of the moment. This panel will provide pointers on being prepared to handle controversy. Identity in the Future of Embeddables & Wearables Jonathan LeBlanc Saturday, March 14 // 11:30am // Ballroom B Stemming from the rapid prototyping maker movement, technology has taken a huge leap forward to begin true integrations with the human body. As the human body becomes a natural extension of technology itself, ways of identifying a person to the technology around them is shifting dramatically. We'll explore this movement to see where the future of identity in the human body is going. This Is Your Brain on Visual Data Sasha Pasulka Saturday, March 14: 11:30am // Ballroom C As humans, our ability to collect data is expanding exponentially, but it doesn't afford us exponential capacity unless we can understand that data. In this session, discover what's possible when humans visualize data. We'll cover best practices for turning your own data into visual- izations that make it easy to spot trends and outliers and exponentially increase understanding. Never Grow Old, Never Die. Byron Reese Saturday, March 14 // 3:45pm // Ballroom C Is mortality simply a technical problem which, thanks to the virtues of Moore's Law, we will solve? Absolutely, yes. I will show that if you can hold out for another 25 years, you will likely never, ever die. This talk explores what this means to us as a species, and fundamentally, where it takes us. Conquering Silicon Valley's Brutal Ageism Kent Brewster Sunday March 15 // 4:00pm // Ballroom B Is the golden age of programming really 22? Kent Brewster, Pinter- est's oldest engineer, does not think so. In this talk Brewster will explode some common myths about the proper care and feeding of older engineers, and talk frankly about what they can do to find work, stay employed, and avoid getting shunted into middle management. FOMO, FB and Pot: Your Brain on the New Millennium Raashi Bhalla Monday, March 16 // 11:30am // Ballroom B Our brains will never be the same – from the emoji's impact on lan- guage, to Google making long-term memory irrelevant. Our addiction to the Internet is rewiring our circuitry. We experience FOMO after seeing Instagram photos because of a parallel brain memory combined with a cortisol spike. How can we learn from these trends to better understand behavior? Keynotes & Featured Sessions N Rotunda Exhibit Halls 3 & 4 Exhibit Hall 5 Exhibit Hall 2 Exhibit Hall 1 Atrium Palazzo Ballroom C Ballroom A Ballroom B Hotel Shuttles Festival Shuttles Trinity Street Red River Street East Cesar Chavez (1 st ) Street East 4 th Street Vimeo Theatre Friday 3/13 – Saturday 3/21 Registration & Badge Pick-Up Trade Show Sunday 3/15 – Wednesday 3/18 Filmakers' Lounge PBS Lounge Circus Mashimus Miller Lite Lounge Philips Lounge Esurance Lounge Mazda Lounge McDonalds Lounge Capital One Lounge FUTURE15 S FESTIVAL SESSIONS SXSW 2015 Interactive Festival 135 Raashi Bhalla Byron Reese Jonathan LeBlanc Janice Person

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