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JW Marriott, 2 nd Floor: 110 East 2 nd Street Rooms: 201–202, 203–304 Health and MedTech focuses on all things relating to well-being through the self and technology. Subjects covered include technologi- cal advances in medicine, online health services and best practices on both the individual and industry level, self-care, self-hacking, wearable devices for healthier living, and big data used to improve the health industry, and regional health issues, habits, and solutions. Theme Features SX Health and MedTech Expo JW Marriott: Griffin Hall The SX Health and MedTech Expo showcases exhibitors of different sizes, areas of expertise, and market segments that are all focused on bringing innovation to healthcare. Held March 16 and 17 at the JW Marriott, Griffin Hall, the expo enables companies to interact with the SXSW Interactive community to create new opportunities, collaborations, and innovations. Radical Healthcare: What Do Consumers Want? Alejandro Foung, Jason Oberfest, Vinnie Ramesh, Jennifer Chung Friday, March 13 // 5:00pm // Room 203-204 In our panel we discuss how diverse sectors like gaming, ecommerce, and academia can inform better design for healthcare solutions. How- ever, we will also focus on the tension that can exist when creating the "best" and most engaging product doesn't always lead to positive/ measurable patient outcomes and vice versa. Stopping Outbreaks with Genomics Samuel Minot Saturday, March 14 // 12:30pm // Room 201-202 Bacteria and viruses are passed between people with every touch. Transmissible pathogens cause devastating disease and the healthcare industry is making great strides to prevent those illnesses. By applying genome sequencing technology to bacteria and viruses, we can detect each jump that they make between humans with incredible accuracy and precision, radically transforming public health for good. Health Impact of Screen Time for Babies & Toddlers Mally McAuliffe, Sarah Huisman Sunday, March 15 // 9:30am // Room 201-202 The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidance stating no screen time for infants and children under age two. Studies show that screen time at an early age can lead to a multitude of difficulties later in the child's life. Could the health issues children are challenged with start with too much screen time? Your Life in Big Data: Drugs and the Environment Chriag Patel, Nicholas Tatonetti Sunday, March 15 // 3:30pm // Room 201-202 Our exposome plays an instrumental role in our livelihood. Defined as the collection of all environmental exposures, such as drugs, nutrients, and pollutants, our complex personal exposomes define us. We will show how scientists – and now we as consumers – can make informed decisions about our lives in big data. Hacking America's Unhealthy Habits Sean Duffy Monday, March 16 // 3:30pm // Room 201-202 With three out of every four Americans on track to die from a chronic disease, we need to kick habits that are making us sick. Enter digital ther- apeutics: behavioral medicine delivered digitally via personal coaches, an interactive curriculum, supportive social networks, devices, and per- suasive design to inspire people to achieve and maintain better health. 201-202 203-204 211-212 205 208 210 Brazos Room Starbucks Griffin Hall MedTech Expo Monday 3/16 – Tuesday 3/17 207 Lounge 209 Lounge 213 Lounge East 2 nd Street Brazos Street North Congress Avenue Philips Lounge 2nd Floor HEALTH & MEDTECH FESTIVAL SESSIONS SXSW 2015 Interactive Festival 159 Chirag Patel Sarah Huisman Vinnie Ramesh Alejandro Foung

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