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Welcome to the SX Health and MedTech Expo The SX Health and MedTech Expo showcases exhibitors of different sizes, areas of expertise, and market segments that are all focused on bringing innovation to healthcare. The SX Health and Med- Tech Expo, March 16 and 17 at the JW Marriott Griffin Hall, enables companies to interact with the SXSW Interactive community to create new opportunities, collaborations, and innovations. MedTech Stage Within the SX Health and MedTech Expo is the MedTech Stage sponsored by Healthline. The MedTech Stage is the host to additional programming and panels, providing the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the health and medtech industry and hear announcements about new ways for the SXSW Interactive community to get involved. See below for a full stage schedule. MONDAY, MARCH 16 11:15am // MedTech Stage Optimizing the Ecosystem for MedTech Focused on making Austin a model healthy city, the new Dell Medical School at UT Austin is prioritizing MedTech innovations and collaborations to improve health and care delivery while lowering costs. Dean Clay Johnston will describe work to create an ecosystem that connects innovative ideas and technologies with providers and patients and introduces schemes to reward better health at lower cost. Dr. Clay Johnston 12:15pm // MedTech Stage MedTech Investing: Community Innovation Ecosystem Healthcare startup funding is often an interplay between public and private funding and entrepreneurial operation. A panel of community leaders representing private and public institutions will discuss how they are contributing to a robust life sciences ecosystem and transitioning the focus on implementation. Cindy WalkerPeach, William Rice, Henry Skinner, Ashley Dombkowski 1:15pm // MedTech Stage Keeping Astronauts Healthy in Space Join NASA leaders for an opportunity to innovate in medicine! Yesterday - Innovations in space that have revolutionized healthcare on Earth. Today - NASA's continuous pursuit of health innovations for space explorers also benefits terrestrial health. Tomorrow- Join us as we announce a new opportunity to work with NASA on the next frontier of health innovation. Dorit Donoviel, Steven Gonzalez 3:15pm // MedTech Stage The Digital Health Communications Revolution Digital health is transforming the creation and application of health information and data. Technological innovations make personalized, real-time health information far more accessible to patients, providers, populations and policy makers. This panel explores the digital health communication revolution from the perspective of university research, government practice, and corporate innovation. Sarah Buhr, Jay Bernhardt, Maurice Kent, Wim Elfrink, Greg Cash 4:15pm // MedTech Stage Service Design in Healthcare and Health Insurance Every online site changes constantly, measures outcomes, and adjusts accordingly. This is in stark contrast to industrial age business processes that have more in common with bridge build- ing. Now, the internet of things means we can measure and respond to real world events, not just online ones. The result: a business model revolution that will deeply transform healthcare. Tim O'Reilly 5:15pm // MedTech Stage Women Leading Changes in Digital Health With women traditionally seen as the nurturing caretakers of the healthcare industry, it is not surprising that female entrepreneurs are incorporating innovative technologies to transform healthcare. This transformation goes beyond wearables, IT systems, and medical devices as technology is also being used to engage patients, their families and communicate patient needs and wishes for their care. Amy Cueva, Wen Dombrowski, Amy Li, Sonya Satveit TUESDAY, MARCH 17 11:15am // MedTech Stage #WeAreNotWaiting From one to thousands, the Nightscout project is improving lives of people with Type 1 diabetes and their loved ones. Real-time remote monitoring of continuous blood glucose data has transformed lives, enabling freedoms once thought lost to Type 1's. Given freely to the community, people are continually "paying it forward" and contributing their time and talents to help improve the lives of many. Daniel Crowe, Jason Adams, John Costik, Weston Nordgren II 12:15pm // MedTech Stage Open Health Data as an Open Challenge Weather and geo-location data are small potatoes compared to open health data where the government is rocking and tech companies struggle to keep up. The government is moving in the right direction with new incentives for payment and care delivery, but liberating the data is the magic that makes it meaningful. Think you've got the stuff to create market value and social good? Zac Jiwa, Bryan Sivak, Fred Trotter, Joshua Rosenthal 1:15pm // MedTech Stage Accelerating Impacts of MedTech: The Austin Model MedTech promises better health at lower cost, but a broken health care system slows progress. Mini Kahlon, Vice Dean of the new Dell Medical School at UT Austin, will detail efforts to spur MedTech innovation in Austin—building region-wide collaborative platforms, tapping into Austin's comprehensive engineering expertise, and redesigning care to benefit from and inform the future of MedTech. Dr Mini Kahlon 3:15pm // MedTech Stage HIPAA: What It Is And Why You Should Care HIPAA can be confusing to many entrepreneurs, with many companies mistakenly thinking that HIPAA doesn't even apply to them. Panelists, representing a diverse cross-section of experts, including policy makers, product providers, and consumers, provide insights into what is and isn't covered by HIPAA as a way to help entrepreneurs understand what they do and don't have to do to be compliant. Nora Belcher, George Gooch, Travis Good 4:15pm // MedTech Stage Coffee with Your Doctor #MedTech Done Right In our super-connected world, healthcare delivery has been slow to adopt the digital expe- rience for us as patients. We need to start by designing digital health for the patient, and building sustainable business models around using technology effectively to make and keep ourselves healthy. Thus creating a new conversation between a patient and their doctor, like having coffee with a friend. Ayesha Khalid 5:15pm // MedTech Stage Personalized, Predictive Outcomes Empower Patients We'll discuss next generation outcomes reporting and analysis leveraging phenomic, genomic and patient reported outcomes data to support personalized predictive outcomes solutions. Jay Piccirillo, Preethi Gunaratne, Robert Palmer Advisory Board Nora Belcher, Jay Bernhardt, Shawna Butler, Scott Collins, Kyle Cox, Murali Doraiswamy, Julie Goonewardene, Jim Graham, Zac Jiwa, Brian Lang, Lydia Mc- Clure, Mike Millard, Julie Shasteen, David Shaywitz, David Smith, Bernadette Toner, Cindy WalkerPeach, Daphne Zohar SXSW EXHIBITIONS SX HEALTH & MEDTECH EXPO MEDTECH STAGE PRESENTED BY HEALTHLINE // JW MARRIOTT: GRIFFIN HALL 36 SXSW 2015 Interactive Festival

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