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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 26, ISSUE 6 7 THE POSSIBILITIES Anything is possible. And when you read this football preview issue, you will see lots of quotes that have an optimistic tone to them. That shouldn't be surprising because in today's Internet world it's hard to find players and coaches that are too crit- ical of the past or what might lie ahead. But there was a quote by senior wide receiver Cameron Posey in the overview on Page 12 that caught my attention as being insightful to what the players might actually be thinking. Posey's comment is in response to his position coach Gerad Parker's touting the mantra, "It ain't personal, but it is." It's become a rallying cry, of sorts, over the summer. "It's just because the last three seasons have gone the way they have and we haven't been as successful as we want them to, we've lost a lot of respect from our opponents and the media and the fanbase," said Posey, giving a re- freshingly candid assessment of where things are. He continues. "It's not their fault that they don't respect us because we haven't done what we're supposed to do. But, again, we have to take it personally because if not, we'll just keep being the joke of the Big Ten, and that's not what we want. So we need to flip it around." Those are words that will get you somewhere if they can be successfully internalized and provide the correct moti- vation. And taking responsibility is an important first step. And while not many give the Boilermak- ers a chance to have a turnaround season, that really shouldn't matter. What matters is what the players believe. Still, all the belief in the world doesn't guarantee any- thing. Purdue will need to have several things happen this year to get to a winning season: No injuries, career years (and then some) out of each of the four players on the cov- er of this preview issue and a little, if not a lot, of luck. And you will read about all the other key ingredients as you peruse this issue. But it bears repeating ... anything is possible. Finally, we bid farewell to a couple of pillars of Gold and Black Illustrated over the years with the recent passing of Randy Noel and Jim Dora. The two gentlemen, the most appropriate word I can use to describe them, were on the ground floor of the starting of our company Boilers Inc. back in 1990. They played a supporting role in ways much more than financial over the years. Rest in peace. From Publisher Alan Karpick "I think it's a fabulous building. It's something that's really overdue and strongly needed." Steve Simmerman, the associate athletics director for facilities, on the new football performance facility. Construction is underway. "I believe we have guys with an impeccable work ethic day in and day out. We can definitely make a huge run." Ja'Whaun Bentley on the Boilermakers' chances in 2016 "There are only two things in big- time college football that matter: Hope and results. And I can tell you that there's a lot more hope than there is results." BTN analyst Glen Mason on rebuilding teams COVER SHOOT VIDEO

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