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FRIDAY, MARCH 13 12:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 205 En Vogue: Blurring the Line Between Brands and Tech As wearable technology and the Internet of things collide, we'll see more technology embedded into products we use daily, from our clothing to our homes. So far, brand values have been an afterthought for these smart products but it's time to think about it the other way around, creating new experiences tied to the values of brands we love. Jennifer Darmour Solo // Advanced // #SXstyle 12:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 206 The Emperor's New Wearables Wearable technology has led the world as we know it into new realms, making tech- nology personal, seamless and convenient. Join our experts as they explore how the fashion industry will make wearable electronics feel invisible and how this technolog- ical advancement will affect the industry as a whole. Brandon Little, Ken Hertz, Sandra Lopez, Travis Bogard Panel // Beginner // #SXstyle 3:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 205 Exploring the Future of Sustainable Fashion From re-commerce to up-cycling to less-is-more models, we have seen everyone from innovative startups to iconic retailers shifting their focus to social change and doing their part to mitigate the effects of fashion production on the environment. In this pan- el, we will discuss the future of sustainable fashion. Is this growing trend becoming the new norm? What will become of fast fashion brands? Karla Gallardo, Kristy Caylor, Lauren Sherman, Rati Sahi Levesque Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 3:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 206 Ready to Wear? Body Informed 3D Printed Fashion Body Informed 3D printing raises the question: how can the physical disconnect be- tween the maker, wearer and material of 3D printed fashion be overcome? The project pushes the use of 3D printing in fashion into a body centric approach and innovates craftsmanship through the combination of 3D printing and textile. Pauline van Dongen Solo // Advanced // #SXstyle 5:00 PM JW Marriott: Room 205 Global Rise of Fashion Technology Fashion tech is a multi-billion pound global economy, with High Street retailers looking to establish themselves in this burgeoning market. Panelists will discuss its emergence, the latest trends, the fashion tech scene in the UK (especially the startups), along with a look at the market in Asia, where China alone generated £210 B revenue last year. Kate Unsworth, Marc Cameron, Martin McNulty Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 5:00 PM JW Marriott: Room 206 Step Up Your Game: How to Win the M-Commerce Race While an established industry leader in tech, mobile gaming remains a foreigner in the fashion and retail landscape. Studies show that women spend one-third of the time they are on their phones playing games, nearly two times the amount spent on social media. How can brands stay at the center of attention after they finish looking at photos and start actively engaging on other mobile platforms? Blair Ethington, Mandi Meng Dual // Advanced // #SXstyle SATURDAY, MARCH 14 9:30 AM JW Marriott: Room 205 The Fashion Hack: Experimentation and Co-Creation These days some fashion brands are using hackathons as a tool to innovate, while oth- ers have chosen to invest in the future of retail through in-house labs and incubators. Explore the possibilities that these initiatives give the retail landscape and learn about the entrepreneurial thinkers that are reinventing the future of the fashion industry. Presented by Decoded Fashion. John Vary, Liz Bacelar, Maurizio Rossi Panel // Advanced // #SxStyle 9:30 AM JW Marriott: Room 206 What Fashion Can Learn from Female-Led Companies Despite the fact that women spend the majority of consumer dollars in the United States and populate the majority of fashion jobs, there's a surprisingly thick glass ceil- ing in fashion. There's a disconnect between the male CEOs of major retail corpora- tions. This panel will discuss how big companies can learn from their successes and how best to cater to today's women. Hayley Barna, Leslie Price, Tina Craig, Yael Aflalo Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 11:00 AM JW Marriott: Room 205 Building A Lean Mean Fashion Business Machine Today, fashion brands are fighting fiercely to incorporate technology into all elements of their businesses, from in-store tech, to integrated systems, to creating new innova- tive experiences. With so much noise in the tech space, it's time to take a look at what's worked, and what's not, and what brands should definitely be investing in right now. Presented by Decoded Fashion. Daniel Bobroff, Karinna Nobbs, Kate Walmsley, Lisa Green Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 11:00 AM JW Marriott: Room 206 Wearable Tech and Design: Cracking Mainstream Trends The speed of innovation in the Internet of things is at an all time high with constant new devices coming to market. Products that blend utility, design, beauty, and simplicity is the formula for mainstream consumer adoption. In this discussion, technology, design, and fashion experts will discuss how and why wearables will become mainstream and lead the way in this next epoch of the web. David Austin, Jason Johnson, Jessica Pressler, Sabine Seymour Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 12:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 205 Mobile: The Glue Between Online and Physical Retail The undeniable growth of the millennial consumer has led to a shift in mindset. This panel focuses on digital ROI, the growth of mobile, new means of stimulating mobile engagement, and how fashion brands and retailers can answer to the needs of this consumer generation. Presented by Decoded Fashion. Alan Tisch, Carla Dunham, Michelle DeVore, Trica Nichols Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 12:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 206 Wallet on Your Wrist or Just Happy to See Me? Wearable technology has skyrocketed, becoming the buzzword of 2014. A Nielsen report suggests that about 36 million American adults currently own and use some form of wearable technology. But what's next? The wearable wallet. Join this session with PayPal and ReadWrite as they share recent studies, and discuss this new trend and what's to come. Bill Ready, Owen Thomas Dual // Beginner // #SXstyle 3:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 205 Digital Skins: A New Age of Fashion Manufacturing Seamless integration of new technologies into fashion that makes its wearer's life bet- ter is already happening. From 3D printing and sound-responsive clothing, to wash- able batteries and smart textiles that generate power and capture physiological data to reveal emotional interactions, we'll explore what's next in advanced materials and wearable technology. Presented by Decoded Fashion. Amanda Parkes, Francis Bitonti, Hayley Ard Panel // Advanced // #SXstyle 3:30 PM JW Marriott: Room 206 How Technology Colonized Fashion Week Fashion Week was once an industry-only affair. Technology changed that. Now, every fashion week from New York to New Delhi has a global audience with participants pro- viding a 360 degree view for followers around the world. We'll explore how technolo- gy has democratized fashion week and the effect this shift has had upon the average person, models, designers, bloggers, editors and the industry. Karlie Kloss, Sara Wilson Dual // Intermediate // #SXstyle FASHION & WEARABLE TECH JW MARRIOTT, 2 ND FLOOR: 110 EAST 2 ND STREET 124 SXSW 2015 Interactive Festival FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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