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JW Marriott, 4 th Floor: 110 East 2 nd Street Rooms: Salon 2, Salon 3, Room 402–403 These sessions will draw from diverse areas of Design, Photography, Biomechanics, Physics, Future of Aging, DIY, and more. Sessions will pair isolated fields to enhance UX, interaction and inspiration. Theme Features Bioart: Melding Biotech and Art Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Wythe Marschall, Karen Ingram, Daniel Grushkin Friday, March 13 // 3:30pm // JW Marriott: Salon 2 A growing number of artists are turning to biotechnology as their medium. By exploring with the tools of biomedicine, genomics, ecology, and syn- thetic biology, they are redefining identity, technology, and even the act of creating life. Curators and bioartists will decipher the themes emerging from this burgeoning genre of art – one that melds with biotech. Dr Brainlove: Interactive Neuroscience Vehicle Natalia Bilenko, Asako Miyakawa, Nicholas Christie, Sean Stevens Saturday, March 14 // 5:00pm // Salon 2 Dr Brainlove is an interactive neuroscience exhibit, a climbable art car, and a giant light up brain model. It was designed and constructed by scientists, engineers, and artists in the Phage, a science outreach consortium at Burning Man and beyond. We will discuss how our com- munity of diverse experts combined their creativity, skills, and energy to deliver this project. You're Better Than the Shitty Gin You're Drinking Chris Messina Saturday, March 14 // 5:00pm // Room 402-403 In 2011, Messina bought a Groupon from the San Francisco School of Bartending. Four years later, his tolerance is up and his tastebuds have strong opinions on when to reach for Bols rather than Hendricks. Let's discuss how to drink 'better' the next time you go out, and get you thinking about starting your own mixing practice at home. Hubble: Touching the Universe Jason Kalirai, John Grunsfeld, Amber Straughn, Alberto Conti Sunday, March 15 // 5:00pm // Salon 2 The Hubble Space Telescope opened our eyes to the wonders of the Universe and showed that our world is among 100 billion stars in 100 billion galaxies. We will celebrate Hubble's 25th anniversary through its biggest scientific discoveries and most breathtaking images, and look forward to future endeavors with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes. Mediated Experiences: Technology and Art Today Cezanne Charles, Keir Winesmith, Christian Gaines, Joseph Voss Monday, March 16 // 12:30pm // Salon 2 We bring a collaboration between creative technologists and culture workers to create transformative cultural experiences both within art institutions and in the public. Examining the digital justice/digital divide implications of using technology to expand access to arts and culture. Cuddly Drones: When Kids Design Drones Tijmen Schep, Krista Hendriks Monday, March 16 // 5:00pm // Salon 3 This session discusses a year-long exploration of emerging surveillance culture. From serious to delightful and arty, everything was there: disco, window cleaning, karaoke, farming, smoothy-making, candy-dispens- ing, mind-reading, and trash pickup drones. How do you teach children to critically explore this drone filled future? 408-409 402-403 401 Lounge 405 407 404 Salon 1 Salon 2 Salon 3 Salon 4 Salon 5-6 Salon 7 Salon 8 406 Lounge East 2 nd Street Brazos Street North Congress Avenue J W G R A N D B A L L R O O M N 406 GR 4th Floor ART, SCIENCE & INSPIRATION Krista Hendriks Amber Straughn Chris Messina Cezanne Charles FESTIVAL SESSIONS SXSW 2015 Interactive Festival 79

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