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DINE FRIED CLAMS T O P D O G For the second year in a row, this small shack on Bearskin Neck out-fries stiff competition to win our allegiance. Chef-owner Scott Lucas starts with "select" clams, hand-chosen for their belly size, dipped in a secret recipe of corn meal, flour, and herbs and then cooked in oil that is changed regularly. Sit on one of the genuine Fenway Park bleacher seats outside or under the new awning and enjoy with homemade tartar sauce and a generous side of onion rings—fried to perfection in the same batter as the clams. 2 Doyle Cove Rd., Bearskin Neck, Rockport, 978-546-0006, C O N S E C U T I V E W I N N E R R E A D E R S' C H O I C E W O O D M A N ' S O F E S S E X Like most places that have been around (and beloved) for over 100 years, Wood- man's of Essex has an age-old story to tell. For starters, they invented the fried clam— that tasty little tidbit that has come to prac- tically define the North Shore. Thanks to Chubby and Bessie Woodman, who dared to toss clam bellies into lard usually reserved for their famous potato chips, the fried clam was born on July 3, 1916—just in time to celebrate Independence Day with area revelers. They say timing is everything. And the timing couldn't have been any better for the Woodmans' revelation. Holiday mer- rymakers enjoyed the novel snack so much that word spread far and wide about what the Woodmans were up to. Ever the innovator, Chubby also came up with the idea of clambakes "to go." He is responsible for mobilizing the whole kit and caboodle. He loaded up a truck with food, boilers, and wood so North Shore residents could experience the lobster, clam, potato, and corn bonanza that is the New England clambake in a location of their choosing. 48 | AUGUST 2015 photograph by Robert Boyd Woodman's of Essex Since the birth of the fried clam and moveable clambake over 100 years ago, Woodman's has become known for more than just their clams—they are also well-respected for their philanthropic spirit and charitable contributions to the North Shore community. Academic scholarships to help young people attend college are awarded in honor of family members Dexter and Gini Woodman. Among the schools and organizations to benefit from the scholar- ship foundation are Manchester Essex Regional High School, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Essex Lions Club, Massachusetts Res- taurant Association, Campbell High School, North Shore Chamber of Commerce, and Pingree. If the accolades for Woodman's were to be compiled, they would easily comprise a book. From Frommer's New England to Fodor's Travel to the Phantom Gourmet—to say nothing of local media outlets and oral praises from area fans—the compliments bestowed on this North Shore institution are hard-earned and well-deserved. 121 Main St., Essex, 978-768-6057, TOP 10 FRIED CLAMS READERS' CHOICE VOTES 1 . and 2 . T I E Clam Box of Ipswich, Ipswich, and Woodman's of Essex, Essex 3. J. T. Farn- ham's, Essex 4. Park Lunch, Newburyport 5. Essex Seafood, Essex 6. Bob Lobster, Newbury 7. Dube's Sea- food Restaurant, Salem 8. Top Dog of Rockport, Rockport 9. Choate Bridge Pub, Ipswich 10. Caseway Restaurant, Gloucester Celebrate ten years of BONS August 26 BONS-2015/

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